August 11, 2017 Meeting

This meeting was our annual Picnic and Bring a Fish, get a Fish Fish Swap!

If you weren’t here, you certainly missed out! 

There was no speaker this month, instead this meeting was to celebrate another Great Ultra Aqua Show and show our appreciation for our members and all their hard work! 

The picnic had 2 full banquet tables with tons of great food organized by our very own Elsie Swanson and contributed to by everyone who graciously brought in a dish.

We also had 3 tables full of goodies provided both by the club and all our members who brought in bags of fish, plants, and supplies to participate in the swap. 

One thing is for certain, everyone who came left with full arms and bellies!


Our BOWL SHOW results were..

1-Jeff Plazak– Gold Tuxedo
2-Jeff Plazak– Red Wag
3-Dave Williamson– Blue Spotted
1-Wayne Toven– Millennium
2-Dave Williamson– Signifer
3-Wayne Toven– Parkinsoni
1-Misty White– Melanoid Axolotyl
2-Dave Williamson– Dwarf Frog
3-Dave Williamson– Albino Axolotyl