2017 Christmas Party and meeting Summary – Friday December 8th, 8pm

Our Christmas  Celebration and Sevrum Growth Competition Summary!

We had an amazing time at our Christmas party this year!

We had a nice turnout of 41 people, we had 3 tables of door prizes, a table of big ticket raffle items, a huge dinner buffet and several award plaques to give out, as well as raffle items and Sevrum Growth competition judging. Alot of food, alot of socializing, and some fish were there too!

Many Congratulations are in order for…

Dave williamson – Bowl Show Champion of the year!

Wayne Toven – Breeder of the Year!
                                 Horticulturalist of the Year!
                                 Master Breeder of Characins & Tetras!

Misty White – Sevrum Growth Competition Champion!

We would also like to Congratulate our Big Ticket Item Winners

Spider Wood on Slate – Mike Swanson
29 Gallon Tank – Bill Bilski
Cube Tank – Dave Girard
Rimless tank – Bill and Linda Kolezar
Canister Filter – Bud White

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who brought in donations for our prize table and food for our dinner!


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November Meeting Summary

 Tonight “Bowl Show BobRob Williams did a fantastic presentation titled “What about Bettas“. This was his first time speaking for a club and he nailed it! The presentation of course had tons of information about everything “betta” including breeding as well as introducing us to some of the less commonly found bettas. 

Bob has recorded and uploaded  his presentation on Youtube, So click the link below if you would like to watch it for yourself.

“What about Bettas?” By Bob Williams

Tonight was also an important night for our club as we held our annual Board Member Position Elections.  Our board members have remained the same, however we will be merging our “Publicity” position into our “Webmaster”  duties as well.

Tonight’s Bowl Show went to Dave Williamson Winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the AO Livebearers as well as 1st in AO Catfish. Come on people, bring those entries in and give this man some competition! 

Congratulations  to Bill on winning the  RMS Gift Certificate door prize

Elsie Swanson and Dave Williamson each took home a BAP Certificate tonight and we had several spawns turned in by several members and auctioned off by Will White.

Cheese, meat, and cracker platters as well as 4 varieties of cupcakes graced our Refreshment Table thanks to Elsie, and as usual our Raffle table was packed full! 

It was another enjoyable evening at the GAAS and we hope to see you at the next one!


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2017 Fall Auction Summary

We had another successful Fall AUCTION this year!

First off we would like to thank everyone who showed up and participated,  and to all of you who volunteered their time…

Runners, Auctioneers, Our Staff, and Setup Crew


Without your help, these events couldn’t happen!

If you weren’t there, you should have been! There was an awesome selection of fish, plants, and hard goods that were brought in.

Our Tables were simply loaded with items for sale, 1,014 to be exact, and the auction went well into the evening, finally wrapping up at 8pm!

We had some really great Centerpieces for our Membership sign-up or Renewal Raffle, as well as some very nice Purchased Ticket Raffle Items.

We also had more of our New G.A.A.S. T-Shirts for sale.

and of course the kitchen had plenty of food and drinks available.

This year our 50/50 Raffle went to a great cause….

Dominick Cox, a fellow local hobbyist, was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. He is facing a long and difficult road to recovery and we are proud to say, we were able to raise $205 from the Raffle to help.

So we would like to say a Special Thank You to everyone who participated in the 50/50 Raffle for a cause.