June 2019 Events

Save the Dates for the Ultra-Aqua!

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Sunday, June 9, 2019

More Ultra-Aqua Details

○ 60-Class All-Species Tropical Fish Show
○ All Cash Prizes
○ Tallmadge Community Center
  80 Community Drive, Tallmadge Ohio 44278

All Ultra-Aqua Events Are Open to the Public

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Saturday June 8
Show registration: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Table Swap Vendors: Noon to 5:00 pm
Dinner and Program Speaker: 7:00 pm

Sunday June 9
Exhibit Hall Opens: 10:00 am
Auction: Fish, Plants, and live food only
Auction Registration begins at 10:00 am
Auction begins at 11:00 am
Ultra-Aqua Award Ceremony: 5:00 pm

Do not miss the banquet and program speaker on Saturday at 7 pm. Jeremy Basch will share his stories of his trips to Colombia in 2018 and 2019. Both trips had spectacular views, interesting wildlife, and various challenges. Join Jeremy as he shares his most recent travels to go and collect some of the rarest freshwater fish in Captivating Colombia! (Cost for dinner is $5—or free if you have a fish registered in the show.)

Visit Jeremy’s website amazontropics.com.

Colombian water course.
Jeremy Basch collecting in Colombia.

We Are grateful for Ultra-Aqua Sponsors!

Click here for the list of 2019 Ultra-Aqua sponsors

**We have updated our BAP and HAP rules. We encourage you to read these revised rules before participating in the BAP and HAP award programs.

Our June Meeting Is Friday, June 14, 2019.

Program: Jonathan Strazinsky specializes in Central and South American cichlids, and he will present “Memoirs of a 1200 Gallon Aquarium,” which delves into the do’s and don’t’s of aquarium building. Jonathan will cover fish keeping success, failure, and even some shenanigans. It’s a complete history of the tank with updated video.

See Jonathan’s bio here.

June Bowl Show: Native Fish; Homemade Aquarium Equipment; South American Cichlids

May 2019 Meeting

Gary Mendez (right) and Bud White after Gary’s talk on building a koi pond in his backyard.

We thank Gary Mendez for presenting “Building a Backyard Pond” at our May meeting. Gary’s talk was witty and informative as he described the challenges of building and maintaining a koi pond. Thank you, Gary!

Looking for locally bred Koi? Checkout Moffit Koi Keeper.