May 11th 2018- Meeting Summary

Our May Meeting was a very entertaining one as Steve Brunn, along with some assists from Rich, Dave, and Ken told us all about what happened at the ALA Convention 2018 including presentations, speakers, collecting trips, shop hops, and even hotel room fish shopping! The next best thing to being there!

It looked like a weekend of great fun, and if you are interested in going next year, then mark those Calendars for May 23-26 2019 when the next ALA Convention will be hosted by Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers in Louisville KY.

We did have a smaller turnout than usual this month, but it was nice to see some faces that we hadn’t seen in awhile too!

We had 4 BAP spawns & 3 HAP propagations turned in, as well as several Donations from our speaker Steve Brunn that he had brought back from the convention. All were auctioned off, giving some of our members some great deals! 

Ray Weaver won our Doorprize of $15 Cash and another Mermaid!

Jeremy Harsh got our GreenPleco Plushie for the month.

Our Bowl Show Results were

May’s  Bowl Show

Rift Lake Cichlids
1st   – Jeff Plazak – Brichardi
2nd – Dave Williamson – Sunspot Brevis
3rd – Jeff Plazak -Leleupi

Sharks and Loaches
1st  – Dave Williamsonsidthimunki
2nd- Dave Williamson – Kuhli
3rd – Misty & Will White – Golden Dojo

Aquatic Invertebrates
1st   – Dave Williamson – Bee Shrimp
2nd – Dave Williamson – Dwarf Crayfish
3rd  – Bob Williams – White Crayfish

Our Refreshment table had Salsa and chips, Cakes, Cookies, Drinks and more while our Raffle table was loaded as usual with tanks, filters, Greenpleco plushies,  Bowl Show carriers, decor, food, and even a shrimp tee shirt! plus so much more!

Instead our usual meeting night will be setting up for the ULTRA AQUA SHOW!!  Anyone is welcome to come help set up at 7pm at the Tallmadge Community Center! 

Hope to see you there!

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2018 April 13th Meeting Summary

 Our April meeting was happy to welcome Joe Doyle back to our club with his presentationGetting Ahead in BAP!”

Joe was supposed to do this presentation for our January 2018 Meeting, however the weather had other plans and we had to reschedule. We are very glad to say the weather cooperated this time and we received a super informative and interesting presentation that was well worth the wait! We learned from Joe’s many successes as well as trials and errors along the way. I’m sure we will all benefit from the abundance of all that priceless first hand knowledge!  We hope to see you again soon Joe!

(See below for Joe Doyle’s full bio)

We had  3 BAP and 1  HAP spawns turned in with 8 BAP and 4 HAP Certificates awarded!

Our Raffle table was once again loaded with supplies such as tanks,  filters (power, Matten, and & Sponge), Driftwood, Bowl Show Friendly Carriers, GreenPleco plushes, Food, Decor, etc! Tickets for our Monthly Raffle Table are only $1 for 6 or $5 for 36!

Refreshments included Spinach Dip, Veggie Trays, Cookies, and drinks of Various Pops and Water from  Elsie our Refreshment Chairman and Jan Bilsky also brought in a tasty Chocolate Carrot Cake, Thanks Jan!
Our refreshments are always FREE of charge for our members and guests.

Congratulations Max on winning the Door Prize GiftCard and taking home our Easter Rainbow Fish and GreenPleco Plush from the raffle! 

April’s Bowl Show had 35 Entries, The winners were 

Female Guppies
Jeff Plazak Taking 1st and 2nd
Mike & Elsie Swanson taking 3rd

Corydoras, Aspidoras, Brochis
1st - Jeff Plazak  - Cory Sterbai 
2nd - Misty & Will White - Pygmy Cory
3rd - Jeff Plazak  - Cory Palatos

Photography (Identification)
1st - Mike & Elsie Swanson - Pelvicachromis pulcher
2nd - Wayne Toven - Pelvicachromis taeniatus
3rd - Mike & Elsie Swanson - Cylindricus Cichlid​

Photography (Artistic)
1st - Misty & Will White - Golden Dojo loaches
2nd - Misty & Will White - Marble Betta
3rd - Misty & Will White - Leucistic Axolotl

Joe Doyle’s bio is below! Click the “Read More” tab below to view it!

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2018 March Meeting Summary

Our guest speaker this month was “Big Rich Price” from Ohio Fish Rescue!

“Big Rich” along with his wife Tracy and son Josh, gave a very entertaining and colorful recount of one of their most challenging rescues yet,  a rescue that also just so happened to be “the one that started it all!” 

Details of the 72 hour trip, with 800 gallons of water, in a box truck, two teenagers and 19 fish averaging 3 FEET PLUS was definitely a story to hear!  Few people realize just how difficult and risky it is moving fish the size of a labrador! 

Thank you Rich & the Price family for your excellent presentation!
We look forward to visiting the Rescue for a Club trip soon! 

We had 6 BAP & HAP Spawns turned in, with 4 Certificates and 3 Plaques to be awarded! 

Congrats Bud White on earning your Master Breeder Catfish and Livebearer Plaques and Dave Williamson on your G.A.A.S. Centurion 100 Species Plaque!

Our Raffle table was plentiful and Elsie’s buffalo chicken dip, Brownies, Cookies, and Cake was amazing on our Refreshment table

Congrats to Bill Kosar on Winning the Gift Card donated by Big Rich Price
and Wayne Toven for Winning our $20 RMS Doorprize Giftcard.

Our Bowl Show had 20 entries, the winners were 

Jeff Plazak  taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd  with silver Mollies

1st-   Jeff Plazak  Black Ruby Barb
2nd -Jeff Plazak  Tiger Barb
3rd - Misty & Will White  Veiltail Cherry Barb 

Suckermouth Catfish
1st - Jeremy Harsh Albino Bristlenose
2nd - Misty & Will White L333 Pleco
3rd - Misty & Will White  L201 Pleco

and a BIG WELCOME to all our NEW MEMBERS!

On a more serious note, I was very glad to see the Rescue speaking at our Club this month.  So many shops are selling these monster fish as only babies that are just a few inches long for just a couple dollars each and because of this, so many of these fish get brought home and stuck in tanks that are NOWHERE NEAR  even close enough to meeting the needs of a fish that grow 2, 4 and even 8 feet long!  While the Rescue helps immensely by either providing or finding a home to try and meet the needs for those fish lucky enough to make their way there, we as aquarists, all need to be informed and  aware of what fish we can realistically provide for.  So the next time you see these adorable baby Common Plecos, Bala Sharks, Pacu, Red Tailed Catfish, Iridescent Sharks and Gars…. Remember the MONSTERS these guys become!    


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Our Spring Auction!! Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Our Spring Auction, March 4th!

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out and joined us at our Spring Auction. 
We had a phenomenal turn out and our auction was a HUGE success, in fact, this auction saw the best numbers in YEARS! So again to everyone that came out, THANK YOU!  Our members and guests at these events are what keeps our club running!  

A big Congratulations go to all our Raffle Winners! 
(I wasn’t able to get the 50/50 Raffle Winner pics)

and Remember JUNE 9-10 will be our next AUCTION and FISH SHOW during our ULTRA AQUA 2018 EVENT!


as always for the original announcement, read below


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2018 February Meeting Summary

Our February Meeting was held on the 9th.

We had a nice turnout with many familiar faces and several new ones!

Our Speaker was Brian Shrimpton, who gave an excellent,  in depth and informative presentation on Protecting and Raising Fry, if you are interested in his supply list he provided us with, including links to the recommended products, it is posted below. 

Brian also donated a large amount of equipment and supplies to our club that we auctioned off after his presentation!
On behalf of G.A.A.S. , Thank you Brian for your generosity.

Congratulations Mike and Elsie Swanson on earning your plaque for
“Master Breeder – Livebearers”

Brian Shrimpton won our door prize gift card

We had 4 Bap/Hap turn-ins to be auctioned off.

Our BOWL SHOW was a double show this month to make up for January’s weather cancellation. 

January’s Catagories

Male Guppies 
1st- Blue Guppy - Jeff Plazak
2nd- Red Moscow- Mike & Elsie Swanson
3rd - Blue Moscow- Mike & Elsie Swanson

1st - Telescope - Dave Williamson
2nd - Comet - Dave Williamson
3rd - Ranchu - Dave Williamson

Minnows, Danios & Rasboras
1st - Devario Auropupureus - Wayne Toven
2nd - Leopald Danio - Rick & Dana Borger
3rd - Giant Danio - Mike & Elsie Swanson

February’s Catagories

Domestic Swordtails
1st - Pineapple Female - Ken McGill
2nd - Green Painted - Dave Williamson

Betta Splendens
1st - Black Orchid - Wayne Toven
2nd - Red Crowntail - Jeff Plazik
3rd - Orange Crowntail - Wayne Toven

Characins (Tetras & Relatives)
1st - Trifasciata Pencilfish - Dave Williamson
2nd - Emperor Tetra Male - Rick & Dana Borger
3rd - Black Neon Tetra - Jeff Plazak


Refreshments were delicious with cupcakes, brownies, and an awesome rolled orderve  and our Raffle Table was was packed full with all our usual goodies as well as our Valentine’s Day Axolotl plush and the first of our Green Pleco Plushes! Grats to Phil’s kids on taking home the plushies!

Another great meeting, and we hope to see everyone next time!

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