June 2020

June Meeting Is Canceled

The club’s June 2020 reservation for the Ritchie Memorial Shelter House, our regular meeting facility, has been canceled by the city of Tallmadge due to COVID-19. There will be no meeting on Friday, June 12, 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

Similarly, the 2020 Ultra-Aqua All-Species Tropical Fish Show, which was scheduled for June 13-14, 2020, has be canceled due to COVID-19.

Thank you for your interest in GAAS activities. Please look here for future announcements about upcoming events.

May 2020

The Ulta-Aqua Is Canceled

The 2020 Ultra-Aqua is canceled.

After much consideration, the annual Ultra-Aqua All-Species Tropical Fish Show and auction, which was scheduled for June 13-14, 2020, has been canceled because of current Ohio public health orders that affect large gatherings.

► GAAS is grateful for the many 2020 Ultra-Aqua sponsors. Those people who have donated class sponsorship money to the 2020 Ultra-Aqua may elect to receive a refund or apply their paid sponsorship to next year’s Ultra-Aqua. Please contact Bud White to coordinate the refund.

The May 8 meeting was canceled.

March 2020


Sadly, long-time club member, Bill Koleszar, passed away on March 17, 2020. You can leave a message for Linda and the family through the funeral home’s website.

March Meeting Summary

On March 13, GAAS member Elsie Swanson presented Mop Spawners, which covered the Killies and Rainbows that she is currently breeding. She also talked about a hatchery and incubator that she and Mike use for hatching eggs and raising fry. We are grateful for Elsie and Mike Swanson’s many contributions to the Greater Akron Aquarium Society.

Elsie’s interesting presentation on Mop Spawners was well revived by the members of GAAS.
Mike and Elsie Swanson show mops with eggs attached.
Close up of the tiny eggs from Pseudomugil gertrudeae AEU II.
Elsie Swanson and Bud White after the March 2020 meeting.
Kristeen Codish presents the first of several raffle items at the March meeting.

The March Bowl Show had over 20 entries of Barbs, Mollies, Corydoras, and Aspidoras.

Ken McGill (right) oversees the monthly Bowl Show, while Bud White completes the judging.
Bud White received a BAP certificate for spawning Liberty Mollies from Wayne Toven, BAP/HAP Chair.
Bob Williams received three BAP certificates.
David Girard received a BAP certificate for his February spawn.

Spring Auction—Thank You!

Once again, the Spring Auction was a great success! The Greater Akron Aquarium Society is grateful for the big turnout and for all of the support from an active community of local and regional aquarium hobbyists.

Special thanks goes to all who contributed the many quality items for the auction and to the auctioneers and runners who kept the auction running smoothly. The valuable time, talents, and contributions of many active aquarium hobbyists made the GAAS Spring Auction a success.

Hats off to all who contributed monetarily to the charitable activities at the auction!

► Note: We have updated our BAP and HAP rules for 2020. You can download the revised rules from the BAP and HAP pages.

February 2020

February Meeting Summary

GAAS members enjoyed Brian Shrimpton’s presentation, “Importing of Wild and Captive Bred Tropical Fish” during the February meeting. GAAS is grateful for Brian’s generous donation of many bags of imported fish, which added to the club’s mini-auction. Visit Brian’s website BeautifulAquatics.com (under construction) from which individual hobbyists (or groups of hobbyists) can order imported stock.

Brian Shrimpton gives his talk on importing tropical fish, plants, and shrimp at the February meeting.
Brian Shrimpton (center) poses with GAAS Vice-President, Jeff Plazak (left) and GAAS Treasurer, Rich Serva, after the February meeting.

The 2020 Growth Competition has begun!

Young Oscura heterospila were distributed at the February meeting for the 2020 Growth contest.

January 2020

January Meeting Summary

On January 10, 2020, Brian Zimmerman (Zimmermanfish.com) presented an original program on 20 Ohio native fish species that inhabit glaciated lakes, which are are either common or endangered. We thank Brian for being able to share his expertise, and we are grateful for his continued relationship with the club.

Brian Zimmerman begins his talk at the Greater Akron Aquarium Society.
GAAS BAP and HAP Chairman Wayne Toven (left) and Brian Zimmerman (right) discuss a list of aquatic plants that are no longer allowed in the State of Ohio.
Greater Akron Aquarium Society President Bud White (left) and Brian and Julie Zimmerman after the January 2020 meeting.

January Bowl Show Highlights

The January Bowl Show had many entries.
Brachydanio nigrofasciata
Rasbora trilineata—Scissortail Rasbora