February 2020

Our Next Meeting Is on Friday, February 14, 2020, at 8 pm

February Program: Brian Shrimpton is president of NEOfish club and will present an update on what the NEOfish club has done to date with importing fish from South America and Asia. Brian’s presentation “Importing of Wild and Captive Bred Tropical Fish” will share how preparations have been made to receive the shipments, mistakes made, and lessons learned.

Brian is also starting a website BeautifulAquatics.com (under construction) from which hobbyists can order imported stock. Brian will bring some imported fish to be auctioned at the February meeting.

Bowl Show: Suckermouth Catfish; Swordtails; Characins

Directions and map to GAAS meetings. All meetings are open to the public.

Growth Competition Announced

In cooperation with The Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society, members of The Greater Akron Aquarium Society will have the opportunity to participate in a Growth Contest in 2020. The fish to be grown out from juveniles are Oscura heterospila, the Montecristo Cichlid, from Mexico and Guatemala. They reach a maximum size of almost 10 inches.

Each person participating will receive 6 young Oscura heterospila. These fish will be made available at the February 14, 2020, meeting, but you must first contact Wayne Toven E-mail to participate and to reserve your fish. The contest will end at The Greater Akron Aquarium Society’s Ultra-Aqua, June 13-14, 2020, where participants will bring their largest fish to be shown and judged.

► To reserve your fish for the 2020 Growth Contest, please contact Wayne Toven via E-mail or phone (330) 256-7836.

January 2020

January Meeting Summary

On January 10, 2020, Brian Zimmerman (Zimmermanfish.com) presented an original program on 20 Ohio native fish species that inhabit glaciated lakes, which are are either common or endangered. We thank Brian for being able to share his expertise, and we are grateful for his continued relationship with the club.

Brian Zimmerman begins his talk at the Greater Akron Aquarium Society.
GAAS BAP and HAP Chairman Wayne Toven (left) and Brian Zimmerman (right) discuss a list of aquatic plants that are no longer allowed in the State of Ohio.
Greater Akron Aquarium Society President Bud White (left) and Brian and Julie Zimmerman after the January 2020 meeting.

Bowl Show Highlights

The January Bowl Show had many entries.
Brachydanio nigrofasciata
Rasbora trilineata—Scissortail Rasbora

December 2019

Highlights from the GAAS 2019 Christmas meeting:

GAAS members and guests inspect the wide selection of gifts at the December 13 Christmas Party.
The 2019 GAAS Christmas Party feast!
There was something for everyone—fish, food, and friends—at the 2019 GAAS Christmas Party.
The 2019 Christmas Party would not have been complete without Phil Hypes and his children running the product raffle.
Dave Williamson (left) earned Master Breeder—Livebearers in 2019.
2019 Breeder of the year, Mike and Elsie Swanson.
Horticulturist of the year, Wayne Toven.
2019 Bowl Show Champion, Dave Williamson, with Ken McGill (right), who is the new GAAS Bowl Show Chairman.

November 2019

November Program Summary

Dr. Tami Panhuis of Ohio Wesleyan University presented her research on the comparative morphology of placenta traits of the genus Poeciliopis. She showed fascinating scanning electron micrographs and other microscopic views of livebearer placentas and embryonic structures. The Greater Akron Aquarium Society thanks Tami for providing such captivating and rare views of livebearer reproductive features.

Dr. Tami Panhuis (left) and GAAS President Bud White after the November 2019 meeting.
Dr. Tami Panhuis presenting her research at the November 2019 meeting.

November Bowl Show

Crypt from the November 2019 bowl show.

GAAS Fall Auction

The GAAS Fall Auction was a great success, thanks to all the support and effort of the auctioneers, buyers, sellers, and volunteers. Be sure to save the date of March 1, 2020, for the spring auction.

The GAAS 2019 Fall Auction had something for everyone.
Auctioneer, Randy Seufert, and the other auctioneers, along with the help of the runners, made the items move quickly at the GAAS Fall Auction.