Our Spring Auction!! Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Less than 2 weeks away!

Our Spring Auction coming March 4th!

Registration opens at 10 AM,
Auction begins at 11 AM.

held at
Tallmadge Community Center
80 Community Rd, Tallmadge, OH 44278

Come BUY or SELL Aquatic Animals, Plants, and Hobby Related Hard Goods!
There will also be various Raffles to participate in, as well as Food and Drink sales in our kitchen.

We are Open to the PUBLIC with FREE entry and registration.
(Registering as a buyer gives you the option to pay for your auction purchases with all major credit cards.)
Auction items are sold at a 70/30% split.

For further details, rules & regulations, please refer to the Auction Section  of our website by clicking HERE

Our Next Meeting! Friday, March 9, 2018

Our guest speaker this month is “Big Rich Price” from Ohio Fish Rescue!

Ohio Fish Rescue is a sanctuary for large “Monster  Fish”  located in Strongsville, Ohio.

This rescue takes in fish from local areas and some not-so-local areas, that all need a new home because they simply grow too large for the average aquarist to care for.  We have all seen those baby red-tailed cats, pacu, & iridescent sharks among many other species so commonly found, that are so cute and appealing in shops when they are tiny. Unfortunately, the reality is, that these fish are “monster fish” and once taken home, very few people are equipped to provide adequate homes for fish that grow 4 FEET long!

This is where the rescue comes in… with their 4 thousand gallon showstopper tank and several other tanks topping out at over a thousand gallons, Big Rich along with his family and team give these guys a better home.  Sometimes that is at the rescue and sometimes the rescue is a stopping ground for the fish before they are taken in by public aquariums. Big Rich also takes in smaller “Big” fish such as  Oscars, that he helps place in new homes as well.

His presentation this month will be a recounting of one particularly memorable rescue that took them on a cross-country trip to Washington State, where the team rescued 19 monster fish which were then safely brought back to Ohio.

Check them out for yourself on facebook at


Our Bowl Show categories this month are:
Mollies, Suckermouth Catfish, Barbs

New Club Shirts!

Pre-Order yours by Wednesday, September 20th

You can Pay for and pick up your order at the next Meeting on Friday, Oct 13.

If you’re interested in buying a shirt and missed this order deadline, don’t worry! You can still contact Elsie Swanson to see what extra sizes may be available or to get in on the next order we place!

Please email or text Elsie Swanson with your order

Please Include your:



Quantity: (if ordering more than 1)

Shirt sizes and price are as follows: 

 Small  $12
 Medium $12
 Large  $12
 XL     $12
 2X     $14  (tall $15)
 3X     $15  (tall $16)


June is our Ultra Aqua Show!

This month we had our annual Ultra Aqua Show and auction!

We had another successful show this year!

April – December 2017 Sevrum Growth Competition

Our G.A.A.S. team is having a Sevrum Growth Competition, and hosting a Multi-Club Competition!

Thanks to a local breeder, YATFS member Brian Strickland who had over 500 Gold Sevrum Fry to re-home, we were able to obtain and distribute over 100 of these guys to our members.

We have used this opportunity and these 100 fry to start a club growth competition! Anyone who came to our April meeting, 2017 and wished to participate was provided with a bag of 8 gold sevrum fry, free of charge. 

The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate and a one year extension to their club membership.

The competition rules are simple. 

Take your fry home, care for them, feed and maintain your fish however you normally do, but keep some records (tank size, water changes, feeding etc.) This will allow the winner to pass along to other members what worked for them.

For judging just bring in your largest individual at the December Christmas party meeting. 

That’s it!

 We will also be participating in a Multi-Club competition hosted at our ULTRA AQUA SHOW!

We will be competing against neighboring local club members from Y.A.T.F.S. who also received sevrums from the  same stock for their own home club competition. 

The Multi-Club Competition will be held next year during our 2018 ULTRA AQUA SHOW!

Winning Prizes and any specific rules for this one will be announced at a later date.

GOOD LUCK to all the participants!