Club T-Shirts & Merchandise

G.A.A.S. T-Shirts
We are currently offering G.A.A.S. T-Shirts for sale, these shirts are black with the G.A.A.S. Logo above. This design was created by Misty White.
If you are interested in buying a shirt You can contact Elsie Swanson to see what sizes may be currently available or to get in on the next order we place!
You can pay-for and pick-up your orders at our monthly meetings or G.A.A.S. events.
(Please note the holiday season is a busy time for our supplier, so we ask for your patience as orders placed over the holidays may have significant delays)
Please contact Elsie Swanson with your order,
Please Include your:


Quantity: (if ordering more than 1)
Shirt sizes and price are as follows:
 Small  $12
 Medium $12
 Large  $12
 XL     $12
 2X     $14  (tall $15)
 3X     $15  (tall $16) 
 4x     $17  (tall $18)

Club Lariats!

You can get one of your very own Greater Aquarium Society Lariats for  $2 at our Meetings and Events or $5 Shipped.

To purchase, please contact  Misty White.

Or Email us

Other Merchandise

We may also decide to offer G.A.A.S. magnets and other merchandise at a later time.