December 2018

Glad Tidings from GAAS

Thank you to everyone who donated livestock and supplies to the GAAS Christmas Party on December 14. The pot-luck dinner—the core of the party—was delicious and plentiful. We are grateful for everyone who planned, baked, cooked, and shared their yummy culinary treats.  Special thanks goes out to Elsie and Mike Swanson, who managed the dinner and brought the ham, potatoes, green beans, other goodies, and extra tables. We are also grateful for all the hardworking GAAS members who made the past year a big success for GAAS.

We appreciate everyone who attended the 2018 GAAS Christmas Party. We had a good crowd (over 40 people), and a few pictures are shared below. 

GAAS wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Emilie and Travis show off their 2018 GAAS  Christmas Party raffle winnings.
GAAS President, Bud White, scored prized aquarium décor.
Bud White gets into the Christmas spirit!


Everyone pitched in, making the party a success!
“Bowl Show” Bob Williams holds a plush catfish that he won through the product raffle.

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