2018 February Meeting Summary

Our February Meeting was held on the 9th.

We had a nice turnout with many familiar faces and several new ones!

Our Speaker was Brian Shrimpton, who gave an excellent,  in depth and informative presentation on Protecting and Raising Fry, if you are interested in his supply list he provided us with, including links to the recommended products, it is posted below. 

Brian also donated a large amount of equipment and supplies to our club that we auctioned off after his presentation!
On behalf of G.A.A.S. , Thank you Brian for your generosity.

Congratulations Mike and Elsie Swanson on earning your plaque for
“Master Breeder – Livebearers”

Brian Shrimpton won our door prize gift card

We had 4 Bap/Hap turn-ins to be auctioned off.

Our BOWL SHOW was a double show this month to make up for January’s weather cancellation. 

January’s Catagories

Male Guppies 
1st- Blue Guppy - Jeff Plazak
2nd- Red Moscow- Mike & Elsie Swanson
3rd - Blue Moscow- Mike & Elsie Swanson

1st - Telescope - Dave Williamson
2nd - Comet - Dave Williamson
3rd - Ranchu - Dave Williamson

Minnows, Danios & Rasboras
1st - Devario Auropupureus - Wayne Toven
2nd - Leopald Danio - Rick & Dana Borger
3rd - Giant Danio - Mike & Elsie Swanson

February’s Catagories

Domestic Swordtails
1st - Pineapple Female - Ken McGill
2nd - Green Painted - Dave Williamson

Betta Splendens
1st - Black Orchid - Wayne Toven
2nd - Red Crowntail - Jeff Plazik
3rd - Orange Crowntail - Wayne Toven

Characins (Tetras & Relatives)
1st - Trifasciata Pencilfish - Dave Williamson
2nd - Emperor Tetra Male - Rick & Dana Borger
3rd - Black Neon Tetra - Jeff Plazak


Refreshments were delicious with cupcakes, brownies, and an awesome rolled orderve  and our Raffle Table was was packed full with all our usual goodies as well as our Valentine’s Day Axolotl plush and the first of our Green Pleco Plushes! Grats to Phil’s kids on taking home the plushies!

Another great meeting, and we hope to see everyone next time!

As always, if you would like to see the original meeting announcement, read below

Our next meeting is Friday February 9th! 8:00 pm.

Our Program will be, “Protecting and Feeding Fry.” by Brian Shrimpton.

Brian is an active member of the Northeast Ohio Fish Club (NEOfish), and will once again present his experiences in the hobby to GAAS.
For our February program, Brian will be speaking on how he provides food and protection to fry that allows them to get to a safe size. If you have fish that are spawning, then don’t miss this program for the important next steps that will allow the fry to thrive.


Also, to make up for January’s meeting cancellation, we will be having a DOUBLE BOWL SHOW!

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