GAAS Speakers & Presentations!

This page is dedicated to showcasing all of the talented and knowledgeable people who have shared their wisdom and experiences with us  while performing  presentations for our Club. 

If you are experienced and interested in becoming a Guest Speaker at our Club, please contact our Program Coordinator-Steve Brunn

If you have presented with us before and have not been added to this section, please contact us at

Upcoming Speaker for
September 2018
To be determined...
August 2018
Member Appreciation Fish Swap & Picnic
No Speaker this Month
July 2018
Dr. Lauren Kinsman-Costello.
"Mud Matters: Importance of Substrate in Freshwater Ecosystems"
Ultra Aqua 2018 Speaker
Pat Hartman
“A Rookie Goes to Mexico—Part 2—NAGWG Goodeid Study Tour 2017”
May 2018
Steve Brunn
"Seen & Heard at the ALA 2018 Convention"
April 2018
Joe Doyle
"Getting Ahead in BAP"
2018 March Speaker
"Big Rich" Price
Ohio Fish Rescue
2018 February Speaker
Brian Shrimpton
"Protecting and Breeding Fry"
January 2018
Joe Doyle
"Getting Ahead in BAP"
~Rescheduled Due to Weather"
December 2017
No Speaker- Christmas Party & Sevrum Competition
2017 November
"Bowl Show Bob" Rob Williams
"What About Bettas?!"
October 2017
Will White
"We don't need no stinkin filters!"
September 2017
Emilie Myatt
Hog and Lotl Breeders
"You sure Axolotl Questions"
August 2017
Member Appreciation Fish Swap & Picnic!
No Speaker this Month
July 2017
Rich Serva
"Airline Manifold Workshop"
June Ultra Aqua 2017
Jeremy Basch
"Banquet Talk- New Species coming into the Hobby & Online Aquarium Personalities"
May 2017 Wayne Toven
"Pick Pisces Species Pix - Fish ID contest"
April 2017
Robert Lupton-
Flip Aquatics
"All about Shrimp"
March 2017
Chris Brachna
February 2017
Ray Hunziker III
"What's in a name?- Stories behind some common fish names".
January 2017
Steve Brunn
"Building a Fry Refuge-Workshop"
December 2016
Christmas Party
No Speaker this Month.
November 2016
Dan McMonigle
October 2016
Eric Bodrock
"All Oddball Aquatics"
September 2016
Orin McMonigle,
"Crabs in the aquarium"
August 2016
Member Appreciation Fish Swap & Picnic
No Speaker this Month
August 2016
Elsie Swanson
"Fish Photography"
June 2016
Ultra Aqua 2016
Kat and Tim Krynak
"Reserva Las Gralarias and the Las Gralarias Foundation"
May 2016
Jeremy Basch
Catfish, the Auchenipteridae family"
April 2016
Michael Barber "Collecting killifish"
March 2016
Jim Henceroth
"how to build caves, decorations and backgrounds that are fantastic"
February 2016
Wayne Toven
"What's your Fish IQ?"
Picture identification contest.
January 2016
"Poret Foam Sponge Filter Hands On Workshop"