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November 3, 2016 – “Plants” by Dan McMonigle

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Dan McMonigle

My first collecting trip to the Everglades was in 1956. I was 10, and my parents were sure it was impossible to transport fish all the way from Florida to Ohio. So I had to put them back before leaving. 

Vi and I joined Cleveland Aquarium Society in 1969 and Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiasts Association in 1972. Shortly after I joined GAAS. From 1975 to 1980 I was the teacher sponsor of an after school aquarium club at Middleburg Hts. Jr. High.


Vi McMonigle

The students set up and maintained aquarium displays in a big show case. They kept maintenance records and made informational displays just as a real public aquarium would. Each month, the club members who had earned enough points qualified to go to the GAAS, CAS, or C-CEA meetings as a school field trip.

Vi and I edited the CAS Wet Thumb and I edited the Ohio Cichlid Association, monthly newsletter.

I was the first Medina County Aquarium Society president and also OCA’s first president. I was the program chairman for GAAS for about 20 years, I also was program chairman at OCA, MCAS, and C-CEA at various times.

I became active in breeding fish that like hard water. Our well was super hard water, but since it was free, I could do massive daily water changes. In later collection trips to the Everglades, I brought back fish.

Vi has always been a support and encouragement for the hobby.