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May 2017 Wayne Toven “Pick Pisces Species Pix – Fish ID contest”

February 2016 “What’s your Fish IQ?” Picture identification contest.

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Wayne Toven’s Biography

Wayne Toven GAAS BAP & HAP Chairman

Wayne Toven is our BAP & HAP Chairman here at GAAS, he is also active in multiple other clubs.

I’m Wayne Toven, I started keeping fish in 1989, Joanne thought I needed a hobby and bought me a 20 gallon started kit, and she didn’t know what she was doing! I didn’t start with the outdoor plants until 1994, when I brought home some yellow irises we collected locally, the club used to have an annual collecting trip that was when I started collecting native plants. My first pond was an 8 foot diameter 18 inch deep kiddie wading pool, from Big Lots, I think it cost me $10. The first lily I ever bought was a white one; I still have some descendants from it. Depending on your point of view things just snowballed or blossomed from there. I currently have fifteen above ground 110 gallon tubs, three 35 – 40 gallon tubs, seven preformed plastic in ground ponds ( 90 – 265 gallon), and one natural (mud bottom) 10’ x 13’ pond. I put fish out in the 110 gal. tubs for the summer, and they usually look so much nicer than when they are kept indoors. I retired from Chrysler 10 years ago on April 1st. So now my job is taking care of the fish and ponds, and believe me it is a lot more work. I am currently running 140 aquariums in my fish room ranging from 2 ½ to a 265 gallon that I bought from a guy over by Pittsburgh.