Jonathan Strazinsky—Biography

Jonathan Strazinsky, TheFishGuy, will be the speaker at the GAAS June general meeting on June 14.

Jonathan Strazinsky, also known as TheFishGuy, has been in the hobby for 33 years now. He’s always looking to further his education when it comes to this hobby. His main focus is and always has been Central and South American cichlids, specifically the larger growing or aggressive species. A carpenter by trade, and now teaching Construction Tech at the local high school, he’s often married his profession to the hobby, building tanks, tank stands and various other DIY projects. Jonathan is family man, often bringing one of his four children to fish-related events. He has had many speaking engagements at fish clubs around the Midwest and he’s got a big personality. He encourages audience participation and often starts discussions in the middle of presentations with audience members. Entertaining and informative, Jonathan is as willing to learn as he is to teach! His passion for keeping New World Cichlids is infectious! The title of his presentation is “Memoirs of a 1200 Gallon Aquarium” which delves into the do’s and don’t’s of aquarium building, fish keeping, success and failure and even some shenanigans. It’s a complete history of the tank with video shot the morning of the presentation!