July 2019

July Meeting

Teri and Randy Seufert presented “The Little Catfish,” which is a program that looks at some of the smaller species of the catfish family—those of the genera Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, and Scleromystax. The program covers keeping these little gems in your tanks, care, aquarium requirements, diet, and breeding. The program looks at many of the species of these little catfish with colorful pictures and information of the 4 groups.

Corydoras similis from the 2019 Ultra-Aqua.

Biography: Teri and Randy Seufert have been in the hobby for over 55 years. Both are very active in the hobby— showing fish at shows, breeding fish for the Breeders Award Program, and propagating plants for the Horticultural Award Program. Additionally, Randy is President of the Tropical Fish Club of Erie County, New York, and is an auctioneer for many other clubs.

In the past 3 years they have attended the Catfish Conventions in Herndon, Virginia, and Madison, Wisconsin. Being able to attend such conventions has allowed Teri and Randy to meet others interested in these small catfish, to exchange information, and to ultimately learn how to raise and hopefully successfully spawn them.  Attending these conventions also has given us a chance to find some of the rare or new species that are in the hobby. Teri has been successful in spawning many of these little catfish as well as many other fish in the fish room.

Teri and Randy Seufert with Bud White at the 2019 Ultra Aqua, where Teri received several awards for her various species of catfish.

July Bowl Show: Loaches, Sharks, Mollies

A handsome loach from the 2019 Ultra-Aqua.

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