November 2019

November Program Summary

Dr. Tami Panhuis of Ohio Wesleyan University presented her research on the comparative morphology of placenta traits of the genus Poeciliopis. She showed fascinating scanning electron micrographs and other microscopic views of livebearer placentas and embryonic structures. The Greater Akron Aquarium Society thanks Tami for providing such captivating and rare views of livebearer reproductive features.

Dr. Tami Panhuis (left) and GAAS President Bud White after the November 2019 meeting.
Dr. Tami Panhuis presenting her research at the November 2019 meeting.

November Bowl Show

Crypt from the November 2019 bowl show.

GAAS Fall Auction

The GAAS Fall Auction was a great success, thanks to all the support and effort of the auctioneers, buyers, sellers, and volunteers. Be sure to save the date of March 1, 2020, for the spring auction.

The GAAS 2019 Fall Auction had something for everyone.
Auctioneer, Randy Seufert, and the other auctioneers, along with the help of the runners, made the items move quickly at the GAAS Fall Auction.