November 9, 2018 – Meeting

Friday, November 9th at 8 pm


Speaker: Elsie Swanson 

Program Title: Fish Tales

Summary: The program will be a photo/video tour of the fish that Mike and Elsie keep, show, and spawn (past and present). Elsie will be sharing stories of success and defeat. Old and new techniques.


November’s Bowl show:
All Other Livebearers
All Other Egglayers
All Other Catfish

Bio for Elsie Swanson

My interest in fish began around 1975, when I remember hanging off of my brother’s top bunk watching him tend to his fish. Little did he know that I was the reason he had so many problems because every chance I had, I would sneak into his room and feed them.

Later on, during the 5th grade science fair, I of course was going to do a fish tank. Boy was that dumb! There I was carrying a 10-gallon tank, substrate, 10 gallons of water, acclimating fish… I should have done those Styrofoam planets hanging on a coat hanger!

The first aquarium club that I joined was ASHCO (Ashtabula County Aquarium Club) around 1988. (Also, that is where I met Mike). As we met people through speakers, auctions, and shows we joined several others clubs including Cleveland Aquarium Society, Great Lakes Cichlid Society, and Ohio Cichlid Association.

We keep a variety of fish, but when I say keep, I should say foster because I don’t keep anything very long. We usually buy juvenile fish at auctions or order them to our door. I usually only keep them long enough to spawn and then I like to move on to the next. I would say that Dwarf Cichlids are my favorite. Narrowing that down more, my favorites are regular old Pelvicachromis pulcher “Kribs”, followed closely by Neolamprologus brichardi. Not sure if goldfish or catfish are my least favorite. Never had much success with keeping aquarium plants either—because of all of the cichlids, but I do have a couple of livebearer tanks that plants do great in. I just recently started spawning Killies. I also like photography, so I like the challenge of photographing my fish.

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