November 2018


2018 Bowl Show—Final Point Standings

Congratulations to all of our Bowl Show participants!!

1 Jeff Plazak—113
2 Dave Williamson—99
3 Mike & Elsie Swanson—31
4 Will & Misty White—29
5 Wayne Toven—25
6 Ken McGill—13
7 Madison Shaw—10
7 Rik & Dana Borger—10
9 Emilie Myatt—5
9 Jeremy Hash—5
11 Brandon Shopek—2
11 Rob Williams—2

Bowl Show Judging

A Big “Thank You” to Elsie Swanson for her November Talk: Fish Tales!

Bud and Elsie—November 2018







…And a  special “Thank You” to our auctioneers and to everyone who contributed to the Fall Auction!!

Ken Walker
2018 Fall Auction
2018 Fall Auction


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