October 2019

October Meeting Summary: Jeffery Swanson presented “All Things Shrimp” on Friday, October 11, 2019. Jeffery is employed by Flip Aquatics, a major shrimp importer, and he covered the process of importing, quarantining, and disease monitoring of freshwater shrimp. He also described shrimp husbandry, breeding lineages, and grading. The club is grateful for Jeffery’s many contributions to the Greater Akron Aquarium Society and especially for providing the October program.

GAAS President, Bud White, (left) and Jeffery Swanson after Jeffrey’s comprehensive program “All Things Shrimp” on October 11, 2019.
Jeffery Swanson took questions and provided additional insights after his talk on ornamental shrimp.
On the same evening of his shrimp program, Jeffery Swanson received his Senior Aquatic Horticulturist award.
The blackstripe livebearer, Poeciliopsis prolifica, was an October Bowl Show entry.

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