November Meeting Summary

 Tonight “Bowl Show BobRob Williams did a fantastic presentation titled “What about Bettas“. This was his first time speaking for a club and he nailed it! The presentation of course had tons of information about everything “betta” including breeding as well as introducing us to some of the less commonly found bettas. 

Bob has recorded and uploaded  his presentation on Youtube, So click the link below if you would like to watch it for yourself.

“What about Bettas?” By Bob Williams

Tonight was also an important night for our club as we held our annual Board Member Position Elections.  Our board members have remained the same, however we will be merging our “Publicity” position into our “Webmaster”  duties as well.

Tonight’s Bowl Show went to Dave Williamson Winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the AO Livebearers as well as 1st in AO Catfish. Come on people, bring those entries in and give this man some competition! 

Congratulations  to Bill on winning the  RMS Gift Certificate door prize

Elsie Swanson and Dave Williamson each took home a BAP Certificate tonight and we had several spawns turned in by several members and auctioned off by Will White.

Cheese, meat, and cracker platters as well as 4 varieties of cupcakes graced our Refreshment Table thanks to Elsie, and as usual our Raffle table was packed full! 

It was another enjoyable evening at the GAAS and we hope to see you at the next one!


For the original meeting announcement read below….

Our next Club Meeting will be Friday, Nov 10th at 8:oopm 

Remember this meeting will be our annual Board Member Elections!

This month's program will feature Rob Williams, also known as "Bowl Show Bob," who lives in Niles, Ohio, and is a member of both The Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society and The Greater Akron Aquarium Society. Rob keeps a variety of tropical fish, but he particularly enjoys keeping Betta splendens, Corydoras species, and various species of gourami. Rob will be presenting his experience with keeping and breeding B. splendensB. imbellis, and Plakat bettas. In this new presentation, "What About Bettas?—My Misunderstood Spirit Fish," Rob will cover everything from tank maintenance to genetics. He will discuss how he replicates the native environment of B. splendens and how he breeds them. He will show video of their behavior and will bring examples of his bettas to show off their beauty. 
Our November Bowl Show Catogories are
AO Livebearers
AO Egglayers
AO Catfish
Hope to see you there!

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