2017 Christmas Party and meeting Summary – Friday December 8th, 8pm

Our Christmas  Celebration and Sevrum Growth Competition Summary!

We had an amazing time at our Christmas party this year!

We had a nice turnout of 41 people, we had 3 tables of door prizes, a table of big ticket raffle items, a huge dinner buffet and several award plaques to give out, as well as raffle items and Sevrum Growth competition judging. Alot of food, alot of socializing, and some fish were there too!

Many Congratulations are in order for…

Dave williamson – Bowl Show Champion of the year!

Wayne Toven – Breeder of the Year!
                                 Horticulturalist of the Year!
                                 Master Breeder of Characins & Tetras!

Misty White – Sevrum Growth Competition Champion!

We would also like to Congratulate our Big Ticket Item Winners

Spider Wood on Slate – Mike Swanson
29 Gallon Tank – Bill Bilski
Cube Tank – Dave Girard
Rimless tank – Bill and Linda Kolezar
Canister Filter – Bud White

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who brought in donations for our prize table and food for our dinner!


For the Original Meeting announcement click below

These will both be held during our December monthly meeting at our usual time and place;  Dec 8th, 2017 beginning at 8:00pm at  Ritchie Memorial Shelter House.

For the Sevrum Growth Competition..

Bring in your biggest Sevrum that you received from us back in our April meeting, to be judged  in the Growth Competition! Just have a short log of the care you have given these guys over the last 8 months so you can share your wisdom with the rest of us in case you’re the winner!

The winner will receive a $25 Cash Award and a one year extension to their club membership.

And remember to still hang on to these guys so you can participate in the upcoming multi club Growth Competition at our next Ultra Aqua Show in June of 2018!
The Christmas Celebration!

The Christmas party is another fun event, where instead of having a Speaker or Presentation, the club focuses on providing  it’s members and attendees with a wonderful Holiday Dinner as well as Special, High Value, Ticket Raffles, that include a bounty of Fish, Plants, Equipment, etc! 

Remember the  more club meetings and activities that you’ve participated in throughout the year, the more tickets and chances  for items you will get! So be sure to always sign in at our meetings and events!

All BAP and HAP items turned in this month will also be placed among the prize table.

We would like to ask everyone to bring in some nice fish or plants, in the spirit of giving,  to add to our prize table to be distributed as well!

So bring a dish of your choosing and be prepared to have a great time. Remember to bring those coolers, you will need them!

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