2018 March Meeting Summary

Our guest speaker this month was “Big Rich Price” from Ohio Fish Rescue!

“Big Rich” along with his wife Tracy and son Josh, gave a very entertaining and colorful recount of one of their most challenging rescues yet,  a rescue that also just so happened to be “the one that started it all!” 

Details of the 72 hour trip, with 800 gallons of water, in a box truck, two teenagers and 19 fish averaging 3 FEET PLUS was definitely a story to hear!  Few people realize just how difficult and risky it is moving fish the size of a labrador! 

Thank you Rich & the Price family for your excellent presentation!
We look forward to visiting the Rescue for a Club trip soon! 

We had 6 BAP & HAP Spawns turned in, with 4 Certificates and 3 Plaques to be awarded! 

Congrats Bud White on earning your Master Breeder Catfish and Livebearer Plaques and Dave Williamson on your G.A.A.S. Centurion 100 Species Plaque!

Our Raffle table was plentiful and Elsie’s buffalo chicken dip, Brownies, Cookies, and Cake was amazing on our Refreshment table

Congrats to Bill Kosar on Winning the Gift Card donated by Big Rich Price
and Wayne Toven for Winning our $20 RMS Doorprize Giftcard.

Our Bowl Show had 20 entries, the winners were 

Jeff Plazak  taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd  with silver Mollies

1st-   Jeff Plazak  Black Ruby Barb
2nd -Jeff Plazak  Tiger Barb
3rd - Misty & Will White  Veiltail Cherry Barb 

Suckermouth Catfish
1st - Jeremy Harsh Albino Bristlenose
2nd - Misty & Will White L333 Pleco
3rd - Misty & Will White  L201 Pleco

and a BIG WELCOME to all our NEW MEMBERS!

On a more serious note, I was very glad to see the Rescue speaking at our Club this month.  So many shops are selling these monster fish as only babies that are just a few inches long for just a couple dollars each and because of this, so many of these fish get brought home and stuck in tanks that are NOWHERE NEAR  even close enough to meeting the needs of a fish that grow 2, 4 and even 8 feet long!  While the Rescue helps immensely by either providing or finding a home to try and meet the needs for those fish lucky enough to make their way there, we as aquarists, all need to be informed and  aware of what fish we can realistically provide for.  So the next time you see these adorable baby Common Plecos, Bala Sharks, Pacu, Red Tailed Catfish, Iridescent Sharks and Gars…. Remember the MONSTERS these guys become!    


To read more about Big Rich Price and The Ohio Fish Rescue, as well as the original meeting announcement, read below.

Ohio Fish Rescue is a sanctuary for large “Monster  Fish”  located in Strongsville, Ohio.

This rescue takes in fish from local areas and some not-so-local areas, that all need a new home because they simply grow too large for the average aquarist to care for.  We have all seen those baby red-tailed cats, pacu, & iridescent sharks among many other species so commonly found, that are so cute and appealing in shops when they are tiny. Unfortunately, the reality is, that these fish are “monster fish” and once taken home, very few people are equipped to provide adequate homes for fish that grow 4 FEET long!

This is where the rescue comes in… with their 4 thousand gallon showstopper tank and several other tanks topping out at over a thousand gallons, Big Rich along with his family and team give these guys a better home.  Sometimes that is at the rescue and sometimes the rescue is a stopping ground for the fish before they are taken in by public aquariums. Big Rich also takes in smaller “Big” fish such as  Oscars, that he helps place in new homes as well.

His presentation this month will be a recounting of one particularly memorable rescue that took them on a cross-country trip to Washington State, where the team rescued 19 monster fish which were then safely brought back to Ohio.

Check them out for yourself on facebook at


Our Bowl Show categories this month are:
Mollies, Suckermouth Catfish, Barbs

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