October, Friday the 13th Meeting

Our October meeting was held on Friday the 13th 2017.  At 8:00pm

This month’s Meeting didn’t go quite as planned. Our scheduled speaker had an emergency cancellation, but we made the best of the situation. We had a short presentation that invited group discussions about the various Pros and Cons of several common types of filtration methods, led by Will White.

We had 2 spawns brought in for our BAP that we auctioned off, and our refreshment table sported a mouth watering “South of the border” dip cookies, and a cherry crumble, made by Elsie Swanson as well as a delicious white cake brought in by Todd.

Another full raffle table including our Spooky Skeletal Fish was distributed  out to our members who were lucky enough to have their tickets drawn. Congratulations Violet on taking him home, and to Jeff for winning the door prize!

Bowl show winners were …

All other Old World Cichlids 
1st Dave Williamson
2nd Wayne Toven
3rd Wayne Toven

Gouramis & Anabantoids 
1st Wayne Toven
2nd Dave Williamson
3rd Wayne Toven

Arts & Crafts
1st Elsie and Mike Swanson
2nd Wayne Toven
3rd Elsie and Mike Swanson


(Original Meeting announcement below)

We have Evan Stricker as our Speaker, he will be doing a program on the Art and Science of the Hobby!

Evan, a native of Tallmadge Ohio, has considerable aquatic  knowledge
and skill. He will be sharing not only his personal experiences
in the hobby, but also his experience as an aquarium consultant, as well as a professional who briefly ran his own business that specialized in pond and aquarium construction, hardscaping, and maintenance.

We hope you can make plans to attend the October program and learn from Evan’s aquatic insights.

This Months BOWL SHOW categories will be.. 

 Gouramis & Anabantoids, Old World Cichlids, Arts & Crafts

Our Skeletal  Fish up there will also be making an appearance at our October meeting!                                                                                             So be sure to show up for your chance to win this spooky guy!             

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