May 11th 2018- Meeting Summary

Our May Meeting was a very entertaining one as Steve Brunn, along with some assists from Rich, Dave, and Ken told us all about what happened at the ALA Convention 2018 including presentations, speakers, collecting trips, shop hops, and even hotel room fish shopping! The next best thing to being there!

It looked like a weekend of great fun, and if you are interested in going next year, then mark those Calendars for May 23-26 2019 when the next ALA Convention will be hosted by Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers in Louisville KY.

We did have a smaller turnout than usual this month, but it was nice to see some faces that we hadn’t seen in awhile too!

We had 4 BAP spawns & 3 HAP propagations turned in, as well as several Donations from our speaker Steve Brunn that he had brought back from the convention. All were auctioned off, giving some of our members some great deals! 

Ray Weaver won our Doorprize of $15 Cash and another Mermaid!

Jeremy Harsh got our GreenPleco Plushie for the month.

Our Bowl Show Results were

May’s  Bowl Show

Rift Lake Cichlids
1st   – Jeff Plazak – Brichardi
2nd – Dave Williamson – Sunspot Brevis
3rd – Jeff Plazak -Leleupi

Sharks and Loaches
1st  – Dave Williamsonsidthimunki
2nd- Dave Williamson – Kuhli
3rd – Misty & Will White – Golden Dojo

Aquatic Invertebrates
1st   – Dave Williamson – Bee Shrimp
2nd – Dave Williamson – Dwarf Crayfish
3rd  – Bob Williams – White Crayfish

Our Refreshment table had Salsa and chips, Cakes, Cookies, Drinks and more while our Raffle table was loaded as usual with tanks, filters, Greenpleco plushies,  Bowl Show carriers, decor, food, and even a shrimp tee shirt! plus so much more!

Instead our usual meeting night will be setting up for the ULTRA AQUA SHOW!!  Anyone is welcome to come help set up at 7pm at the Tallmadge Community Center! 

Hope to see you there!

For the original meeting announcement including Steve Brunn’s Bio, Read below

For May’s Program: GAAS’s own Steve Brunn will report on the events and information presented at the annual American Livebearer Association’s 2018 Convention, which convenes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, May 4-6. In his talk, “Seen and Heard at the ALA 2018 Convention,” Steve will give a first-hand account of all the convention activities, vendors, and speakers. Additional observations will be provided by other GAAS members who also attended the convention.


Steve Brunn
GAAS Program Director & Historian

Steve started out in the hobby with standard guppies as a first-grade student. That early interest in aquatic life and the aquarium hobby continued through high school, college, and most recently over the past decade as a member of GAAS. With a particular interest in livebearers, Steve keeps a few representative species of Goodied and Poeciliid fishes, including guppies. This years’ convention will mark Steve’s attendance at four ALA conventions.

May’s  Bowl Show Catagories are

Rift Lake Cichlids
Sharks and Loaches
Aquatic Invertebrates

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