2018 April 13th Meeting Summary

 Our April meeting was happy to welcome Joe Doyle back to our club with his presentationGetting Ahead in BAP!”

Joe was supposed to do this presentation for our January 2018 Meeting, however the weather had other plans and we had to reschedule. We are very glad to say the weather cooperated this time and we received a super informative and interesting presentation that was well worth the wait! We learned from Joe’s many successes as well as trials and errors along the way. I’m sure we will all benefit from the abundance of all that priceless first hand knowledge!  We hope to see you again soon Joe!

(See below for Joe Doyle’s full bio)

We had  3 BAP and 1  HAP spawns turned in with 8 BAP and 4 HAP Certificates awarded!

Our Raffle table was once again loaded with supplies such as tanks,  filters (power, Matten, and & Sponge), Driftwood, Bowl Show Friendly Carriers, GreenPleco plushes, Food, Decor, etc! Tickets for our Monthly Raffle Table are only $1 for 6 or $5 for 36!

Refreshments included Spinach Dip, Veggie Trays, Cookies, and drinks of Various Pops and Water from  Elsie our Refreshment Chairman and Jan Bilsky also brought in a tasty Chocolate Carrot Cake, Thanks Jan!
Our refreshments are always FREE of charge for our members and guests.

Congratulations Max on winning the Door Prize GiftCard and taking home our Easter Rainbow Fish and GreenPleco Plush from the raffle! 

April’s Bowl Show had 35 Entries, The winners were 

Female Guppies
Jeff Plazak Taking 1st and 2nd
Mike & Elsie Swanson taking 3rd

Corydoras, Aspidoras, Brochis
1st - Jeff Plazak  - Cory Sterbai 
2nd - Misty & Will White - Pygmy Cory
3rd - Jeff Plazak  - Cory Palatos

Photography (Identification)
1st - Mike & Elsie Swanson - Pelvicachromis pulcher
2nd - Wayne Toven - Pelvicachromis taeniatus
3rd - Mike & Elsie Swanson - Cylindricus Cichlid​

Photography (Artistic)
1st - Misty & Will White - Golden Dojo loaches
2nd - Misty & Will White - Marble Betta
3rd - Misty & Will White - Leucistic Axolotl

Joe Doyle’s bio is below! Click the “Read More” tab below to view it!

Joe Doyle’s Biography

I Began my interest in keeping & breeding fish when at the age of 12 my neighbor gave me a slate bottom metal frame and lid, 29 gallon fish tank. Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH) magazine frequently featured betta splendens in an array of spawning setups. It wasn't long before I had 100 baby food jars each containing a baby betta. Breeding fish came natural to me. This was when I first started feeding live foods to  baby fish. Put the hobby on hold to attend college, returning 18 years later when given a 29 gallon fish tank. 

In 2005, joined the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society Inc (GPASI). Began participating in the Breeders Award Program (BAP) in 2008. BAP really sparked my interest, and in 2011, turned in 33 spawns topping my competition having only 12 tanks and setting an all-time high record for the club. From an administrative perspective, I served the Pittsburgh club as president, treasurer, and currently membership secretary. Am also Web Master, managing the GPASI.ORG web site. 

That being said, BAP has thus far been the most influential and driving force of my hobby. It has evolved into a consistency of looking for that next fish to spawn. I originally thought after spawning all the bread and butter fish there would be nothing left to spawn, but the opposite was true. 


Most of the fish in my tanks were brought home from conventions and fish rooms and am always on the lookout for that next rare fish to spawn. Frequently, I find myself  making community tanks out of multiple species because I see something I just have to have and I don't have enough room to spawn fish. It takes a long time to back out of this scenario in order to have enough room to spawn and dump fish for BAP. 


In my talk, "Getting ahead in BAP", I will review how to spawn several species of difficult fish, the species I'm currently working with, discuss challenges faced, and the return of species to my bucket list of fish to successfully spawn and raise.  

Discussion will include: 

Pterapogon kauderni (Banggai Cardinalfish) Hippocampus Erectus (Sea Horse) Betta macrostoma (The holy grail of bettas) Loricaria sp "Atabapo, Colombia" Crying Whiptails Nothobranchius palmqvisti "Pangani, TZ 94-7" Notholebias minimus "Campo Grande CGRJ 01-12" Aspidoras cf taurus (2" Aspidoras) Garra rufa (Pedicure fish) Brachygobius doriae (Bumblebee Goby) Hemiloricaria Lanceolata Pterophyllum leopoldi and more.. 


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