Our Spring Auction!! Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Our Spring Auction, March 4th!

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out and joined us at our Spring Auction. 
We had a phenomenal turn out and our auction was a HUGE success, in fact, this auction saw the best numbers in YEARS! So again to everyone that came out, THANK YOU!  Our members and guests at these events are what keeps our club running!  

A big Congratulations go to all our Raffle Winners! 
(I wasn’t able to get the 50/50 Raffle Winner pics)

and Remember JUNE 9-10 will be our next AUCTION and FISH SHOW during our ULTRA AQUA 2018 EVENT!


as always for the original announcement, read below


Registration opens at 10 AM,
Auction begins at 11 AM.

held at
Tallmadge Community Center
80 Community Rd, Tallmadge, OH 44278

Come BUY or SELL Aquatic Animals, Plants, and Hobby Related Hard Goods!
There will also be various Raffles to participate in, as well as Food and Drink sales in our kitchen.

We are Open to the PUBLIC with FREE entry and registration.
(Registering as a buyer gives you the option to pay for your auction purchases with all major credit cards.)
Auction items are sold at a 70/30% split.

For further details, rules & regulations, please refer to the Auction Section  of our website by clicking HERE

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