July 14 2017

We had a fun DIY Workshop Program this month at our meeting  making AIRLINE MANIFOLDS!

Our members could pick their length, materials, and preferred nozzles for their manifolds, making them custom to their own individual needs in the hobby. We had several experienced DIY members on hand to help teach and assist any who were new to this. Hey playing with Power Tools is always a blast!

Our BOWL SHOW results were…

1-Dave Williamson– Everglades Pigmy Sunfish
2-Dave Williamson– Gambusia holbrooki
3-Dave Williamson– Crenichthys baylei
1-Dave Williamson– Cryptocoryne albida
2-Dave Williamson– Cryptocoryne petchii
3-Dave Williamson– Java Fern

June is our Ultra Aqua Show!

This month we had our annual Ultra Aqua Show and auction!

We had another successful show this year!

April – December 2017 Sevrum Growth Competition

Our G.A.A.S. team is having a Sevrum Growth Competition, and hosting a Multi-Club Competition!

Thanks to a local breeder, YATFS member Brian Strickland who had over 500 Gold Sevrum Fry to re-home, we were able to obtain and distribute over 100 of these guys to our members.

We have used this opportunity and these 100 fry to start a club growth competition! Anyone who came to our April meeting, 2017 and wished to participate was provided with a bag of 8 gold sevrum fry, free of charge. 

The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate and a one year extension to their club membership.

The competition rules are simple. 

Take your fry home, care for them, feed and maintain your fish however you normally do, but keep some records (tank size, water changes, feeding etc.) This will allow the winner to pass along to other members what worked for them.

For judging just bring in your largest individual at the December Christmas party meeting. 

That’s it!

 We will also be participating in a Multi-Club competition hosted at our ULTRA AQUA SHOW!

We will be competing against neighboring local club members from Y.A.T.F.S. who also received sevrums from the  same stock for their own home club competition. 

The Multi-Club Competition will be held next year during our 2018 ULTRA AQUA SHOW!

Winning Prizes and any specific rules for this one will be announced at a later date.

GOOD LUCK to all the participants!