Sevrum Growth Competition Results and Winning Care Log

Our G.A.A.S. Sevrum Growth Competition!

Congratulations to Misty White, on winning our G.A.A.S. Sevrum Growth Competition!

Don Youngkin  came in second, and Dave Williamson came in 3rd.

For those who missed it, participants were given a bag of 8 approx 1/2″-1″ Gold Sevrum Fry that all came from the same source, a local Y.A.T.F.S. member Brian Strickland, back at our April 2017 Club Meeting. We were then tasked with taking our fry home and caring for them for the next 8 months. Then we were asked to bring our largest one back in for judging on size and growth during our December Club meeting. We were asked to keep a short care log on our fish so the winner could let everyone know what worked for them.

Our Winning Sevrum Care log…

The 8 Sevrums spent their first 2 months in a 20g with twice a week 80% water changes, then the next 6 months in a 125g shared with a young sailfin pleco. Both tanks had a thick duckeed canopy growing in them.

They received a weekly water change of approximately 50-80% depending. They were fed a diet of Omega One Shrimp
 and Kelp Pellets, New Life Spectrum Thera A
 and Algae Max pellets, and various
 Repashy gel food Mixes.

They were fed anywhere from 1-3 times a day.

At the 4 month mark, the smallest two sevrums were moved to their own tank, leaving the larger remaining 6 sevrums and pleco in the 125g.

After the total 8 months, the biggest 3 were all similar in size at approx. 7", 3 were  approx. 6" and the 2 smallest were rehomed at 7 months during our fall auction, they were around 4" at the time.

Remember to hang on to your sevrums to enter them in our Multi-Club Competition at our next ULTRA AQUA SHOW 2018!

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