Will and Misty White are passing the torch…

Good-bye for now! 
Misty & Will White

Many of you know that my husband Will and I, have been the face of the website and social media presence of GAAS – Greater Akron Aquarium Society for the past year, and anyone who has been to the last few meetings will know that we have not been there….

With Will’s promotion earlier in the year, his increasing work demands and schedule began to make it impossible for us to attend the meetings, while  my declining Health behind the scenes continued to affect my work on the website and social media.We both began to realize that while we love our Aquarium Club as well as our fish, that we simply didn’t have the time and ability to contribute the effort, energy, and physical presence needed to give them the attention they deserve.

We are officially retiring from the GAAS web and social media positions, as well as using  the next couple auctions to rehome the bulk of our aquatic pets.

We will still be members, but will have to be inactive for the foreseeable future, aside from helping with the occasional posting until the new webmaster is ready to take over fully. 

On the plus side, we have been focusing our efforts on our health and our family and both have begun to thrive.

It has been a great couple years and we truly hope we have helped set the building blocks for the new website that I have put so much of my time and energy into and left a memorable contribution to GAAS.

You can find some of our beloved Axolotls, Plecos and other fish in the  coming Fall Auction..

Thank you for GAAS for the Fun, Friends, Knowledge, and many great experiences we’ve had with you! 

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