October, Friday the 13th Meeting

Our October meeting was held on Friday the 13th 2017.  At 8:00pm

This month’s Meeting didn’t go quite as planned. Our scheduled speaker had an emergency cancellation, but we made the best of the situation. We had a short presentation that invited group discussions about the various Pros and Cons of several common types of filtration methods, led by Will White.

We had 2 spawns brought in for our BAP that we auctioned off, and our refreshment table sported a mouth watering “South of the border” dip cookies, and a cherry crumble, made by Elsie Swanson as well as a delicious white cake brought in by Todd.

Another full raffle table including our Spooky Skeletal Fish was distributed  out to our members who were lucky enough to have their tickets drawn. Congratulations Violet on taking him home, and to Jeff for winning the door prize!

Bowl show winners were …

All other Old World Cichlids 
1st Dave Williamson
2nd Wayne Toven
3rd Wayne Toven

Gouramis & Anabantoids 
1st Wayne Toven
2nd Dave Williamson
3rd Wayne Toven

Arts & Crafts
1st Elsie and Mike Swanson
2nd Wayne Toven
3rd Elsie and Mike Swanson


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September 8th, 2017 Meeting

First off, a big thank you to our speaker this month, Emilie Myatt, from Hog and Lot Breeders for her fun and informative Axolotl presentation!

Ms. Emilie Myatt is a member of GAAS and is an
experienced breeder of the Mexican neotenic salamander,
Ambystoma mexicanum, which is known commonly as
axolotl. Her talk “You Sure Ask Axolotl Questions” covered
the husbandry and reproduction of these cute aquatic predators.
She brought in 3 axolotls to show as living
examples, and even a hedgehog, which she also
breeds. If you have an axolotl or if you are thinking about
obtaining an axolotl, this was a great program to see.


Our bowl show winners this month were…

(Results coming soon)


As always we had a full and plentiful Raffle table along with several species of fish and plants turned in for our B.A.P. and H.A.P. programs
that went up for auction.

While our waistlines may not always appreciate the delicious spread of watermelon, brownies, s’mores rice crispy treats, and berry cheese cobbler that was on our refreshment table, our taste buds were certainly happy!

Finally, Congratulations to Jeff Plazak on winning the Two Turtles gift certificate door prize!

We hope you will come join us for next month!


August 11, 2017 Meeting

This meeting was our annual Picnic and Bring a Fish, get a Fish Fish Swap!

If you weren’t here, you certainly missed out! 

There was no speaker this month, instead this meeting was to celebrate another Great Ultra Aqua Show and show our appreciation for our members and all their hard work! 

The picnic had 2 full banquet tables with tons of great food organized by our very own Elsie Swanson and contributed to by everyone who graciously brought in a dish.

We also had 3 tables full of goodies provided both by the club and all our members who brought in bags of fish, plants, and supplies to participate in the swap. 

One thing is for certain, everyone who came left with full arms and bellies!


Our BOWL SHOW results were..

1-Jeff Plazak– Gold Tuxedo
2-Jeff Plazak– Red Wag
3-Dave Williamson– Blue Spotted
1-Wayne Toven– Millennium
2-Dave Williamson– Signifer
3-Wayne Toven– Parkinsoni
1-Misty White– Melanoid Axolotyl
2-Dave Williamson– Dwarf Frog
3-Dave Williamson– Albino Axolotyl

July 14 2017

We had a fun DIY Workshop Program this month at our meeting  making AIRLINE MANIFOLDS!

Our members could pick their length, materials, and preferred nozzles for their manifolds, making them custom to their own individual needs in the hobby. We had several experienced DIY members on hand to help teach and assist any who were new to this. Hey playing with Power Tools is always a blast!

Our BOWL SHOW results were…

1-Dave Williamson– Everglades Pigmy Sunfish
2-Dave Williamson– Gambusia holbrooki
3-Dave Williamson– Crenichthys baylei
1-Dave Williamson– Cryptocoryne albida
2-Dave Williamson– Cryptocoryne petchii
3-Dave Williamson– Java Fern