Breeder’s Award Program

The Breeder Award Program is a program in which our hobbyist members can earn recognition and Awards for turning in different species of Fish they have spawned.
These programs are designed to promote an active interest in, and to further our knowledge of the spawning process of various species of fish and other aquatic animals, as well as give recognition for achievements in this area.
With the BAP Program, to get credit for your species spawns, the appropriate form should be filled out, and typically at least 6 fry are turned in to the club at one of our meetings or hosted events (there are some exceptions with particularly rare animals).
The fry should be approx 30-90 days old. Fry turn ins  can be older if the fry are particularly small, as we want these animals to have the best chance at life once they are auctioned off to our members and need to be big enough to eat common foods etc.

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