2018 G.A.A.S. Calendar

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January 12
Monthly MeetingMale Guppies
Minnows,Danios, Rasboras
Joe Doyle- Rescheduled due to weather
January 18
Board Member MeetingHosted By: Bud White
February 9
Monthly MeetingDomestic Sword tails,
Betta Splendens,
Characins (Tetras & Relatives)
Brian Shrimpton
"Feeding & Protecting Fry"
February 15
Board Member Meeting
Hosted by:Dave Williamson
March 3
Auction Set-Up7pm
March 4
Spring Auction!
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March 9
Monthly Meeting
Suckermouth Catfish,
"Big Rich" Price
Ohio Fish Rescue
"Origin Story"
March 15
Board Member MeetingHosted By:Jeff Plazak
April 13
Monthly MeetingFemale Guppies
Corydoras, Aspidoras, Brochis
Photography Identification,
Photography Artistic
Joe Doyle
"Getting Ahead in BAP"
April 19
Board Member MeetingHosted By:Will & Misty White
May 11
Monthly MeetingRift Lake Cichlids
Sharks and Loaches
Aquatic Invertebrates
Steve Brunn
"ALA Convention Report"
May 17
Board Member MeetingHosted By:Wayne Toven
June 8
Show Set-up7pm
June 9
Ultra Aqua -
Show, Swap Meet, & Dinner Presentation
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Ultra Aqua Section
Ultra Aqua - Featuring
Pat Hartman
(Sat 7pm)
June 10
Ultra Aqua -
Spring Auction, & Award Ceremony
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Ultra Aqua Section
June 14
Board Member MeetingHosted By:
July 13
Monthly MeetingNative Fish
Angelfish and Discus
Aquatic Plants
Dr. Lauren Kinsman-Costello
Mud Matters"
July 19
Board Member MeetingHosted By:Bill & Linda Kosar
August 10
Monthly Meeting
Member Appreciation Fish Swap & Picnic
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Member Appreciation Fish Swap & Picnic Section
August 16
Board Member MeetingHosted By:
September 14
Monthly MeetingGoodeids
AO New World Cichlids
Pairs (male/female)
September 20
Board Member Meeting
Hosted By:
October 12
Monthly MeetingGouramis and Anabantoids
AO Old World Cichlids
Arts and Crafts
"Captain" Frank Orteca & Stan Jachna
October 18
Board Member MeetingHosted By:
November 3
Auction Set-upStarting at 7pm
November 4
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Spring & Fall Auction Section
November 9
Monthly MeetingAO Livebearers
AO Egglayers
AO Catfish
November 15
Board Member MeetingHosted By: Dave Williamson
December 14
Monthly Meeting
Christmas Party
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December 20
Board Member MeetingHosted By: