December Meeting

Our next meeting is Friday, December 14,
at 8 pm—Christmas Party!!!

December’s meeting is a party for everyone, with award presentations for members who have participated in club activities during the year. There will be no speaker and no bowl show. There will be a fish and plant give away (bring a cooler). And let’s not forget about the food! The club (Elsie Swanson) will be supplying the main dish, and the rest is pot-luck style. Please bring a dessert or side-dish to share. Dress is casual. Like all meetings, the fun starts at 8 pm. Please come!

2018 Bowl Show—Final Point Standings

Congratulations to all of our Bowl Show participants!!

1 Jeff Plazak—113
2 Dave Williamson—99
3 Mike & Elsie Swanson—31
4 Will & Misty White—29
5 Wayne Toven—25
6 Ken McGill—13
7 Madison Shaw—10
7 Rik & Dana Borger—10
9 Emilie Myatt—5
9 Jeremy Hash—5
11 Brandon Shopek—2
11 Rob Williams—2

Bowl Show Judging

A Big “Thank You” to Elsie Swanson for her November Talk: Fish Tales!

Bud and Elsie—November 2018







…And a  special “Thank You” to our auctioneers and to everyone who contributed to the Fall Auction!!

Ken Walker
2018 Fall Auction
2018 Fall Auction


Will and Misty White are passing the torch…

Good-bye for now! 
Misty & Will White

Many of you know that my husband Will and I, have been the face of the website and social media presence of GAAS – Greater Akron Aquarium Society for the past year, and anyone who has been to the last few meetings will know that we have not been there….

With Will’s promotion earlier in the year, his increasing work demands and schedule began to make it impossible for us to attend the meetings, while  my declining Health behind the scenes continued to affect my work on the website and social media.We both began to realize that while we love our Aquarium Club as well as our fish, that we simply didn’t have the time and ability to contribute the effort, energy, and physical presence needed to give them the attention they deserve.

We are officially retiring from the GAAS web and social media positions, as well as using  the next couple auctions to rehome the bulk of our aquatic pets.

We will still be members, but will have to be inactive for the foreseeable future, aside from helping with the occasional posting until the new webmaster is ready to take over fully. 

On the plus side, we have been focusing our efforts on our health and our family and both have begun to thrive.

It has been a great couple years and we truly hope we have helped set the building blocks for the new website that I have put so much of my time and energy into and left a memorable contribution to GAAS.

You can find some of our beloved Axolotls, Plecos and other fish in the  coming Fall Auction..

Thank you for GAAS for the Fun, Friends, Knowledge, and many great experiences we’ve had with you! 

October 12, 2018 – Meeting

Friday, October 12th at 8 pm



Frank Orteca has been involved with the Guppy Associates of Greater Cleveland and IFGA (International Fancy Guppy Association) for decades. He will be discussing the care and breeding of fancy guppies (Fancy Guppies 101) with a question and answer session to follow. Stan Jachna, who is also a guppy expert, will be joining Frank in answering your questions about guppy basics. Please bring you guppy-specific questions to get the most out of Frank’s visit.

October’s Bowl show:
Gouramis & Anabantoids
All Other Old World Cichlids
Arts & Crafts

Bio for Frank Orteca:

My first interest, like a lot of us, came as a kid and progressed from Goldfish to Tropicals. Somewhere in the late 1950s I was given a booklet about Guppies and their Genetics. I have been fascinated with Guppies ever since.

In 1974 I married my wife, Christine, and we moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. One of the first things I did was convert the second bedroom into my first real Guppy room. In January 1975 I joined Guppy Associates of Greater Cleveland and the IFGA (International Fancy Guppy Association). I shipped my first Guppy in August 1976—a Red Delta to the Pan Pacific Guppy show. It took 1st place in the Novice class, and I was hooked on showing Guppies. From 1976 to 1996 I have won over 300 individual first place awards in IFGA competition and 14 Class Championships.

My best year was 1991 where I won the Snakeskin Solid, Red BiColor, and the Varigated Snakeskin classes. I also finished second in Grand Overall Male that year. In 1981, I became an assistant IFGA judge. In 1983, I became a Senior Judge, and, in 1985, I was voted to be on the judging Board.

In addition to showing and judging Guppies, I was elected President of our local Guppy club, GAGC, more than 15 times, and in years I was not President, I was either Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. I was also Vice President of the IFGA for 6 years and served on many committees.

I quit the Guppy hobby in 2013, and in 2015 I joined the Northeast Ohio Fish Club. I have been interested in multiple species over the last 4 years—until this past June where I got bit by the Guppy bug again.

September 14 2018 – Meeting

Friday, September 14th at 8 pm

Adam Leff, DVM, MS, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Kent State University will present his recent research on aquarium additive products that claim to aid in the nitrogen cycling of a tank. In his presentation, titled “Bacteria and the Nitrogen Cycle in Aquarium Systems: A Look at the Efficacy of Aquarium Supplements,” Dr. Leff will focus on the microbiology of biofiltration, with emphasis on the bacteria involved in nitrogen cycling. The talk will attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What bacteria are involved in the nitrogen cycle of an aquarium system?
  • What are the characteristics of these bacteria?
  • What happens to these bacteria when the system is perturbed (in other words, when things go bad, why do they go bad quickly?)
  • How can you optimize your aquarium system to achieve maximal “biofiltration”
  • Do aquarium additive products that claim to increase the biological filtration and aid in the nitrogen cycling of a tank really work?

    September’s Bowl Show:
    AO New World Cichlids
    Pairs (male/female)

Bio for Dr. Leff  

Adam Leff, DVM, MS

Dr. Leff received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and his Masters of Science degree in Medical Microbiology from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. His research focus at Georgia involved the immune response of Channel Catfish to the protozoan parasite, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. He has been an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences for the past 23 years at Kent State University. While at Kent, his research focus has been in the field of aquatic microbiology including research studies on the microbiological cause of black shell disease in crayfish, the interaction of environmental bacteria with aquatic macroinvertebrates, and the bacterial composition of leachate from shredded tire landfills. Dr. Leff teaches a variety of courses at Kent State including Microbiology, Ichthyology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Medical Histology. He has been an aquarium hobbyist since he was eight years old.

August 10th, Annual Fish Swap & Picnic

August is our

Friday, August 10th, is our Annual Member Appreciation, Fish Swap and Picnic.

August Bowl Show:

We would like to remind everyone to please bring a Dish for the Picnic and a Donation for the Fish Swap Table.

Donations can be Nicer Bags of Fish & other Aquatic Animals, Plants, Supplies, or other hobby related items, merchandise, Etc…

For more information see….

Fish Swap and Picnic

July 13th Meeting

Friday, July 13th at 8pm

This month’s Program will be a very interesting and new topic for us featuring… 
Dr. Lauren Kinsman-Costello (Click for Bio)

Dr. Lauren Kinsman-Costello

who is an ecosystem ecologist with Kent State
University. In her talk, Mud Matters, Lauren will be sharing her research on the
important role that sediments play in freshwater ecosystem function, including nitrogen
cycling and phosphorous release. By attending Laura’s presentation, you will gain fresh
appreciation for the complexity of shallow freshwater ecosystems (and mud).

July’s Bowl Show:
Native Fish
Angelfish and Discus
Aquatic Plants  

As always there will be a full Raffle table available as well as Free Drinks and Refreshments

We hope to see you there! 

June 9th-10th!

The Greater Akron Aquarium Society is proud to present…

All Species Show & Auction + GAAS/YATFS Sevrum Showdown

Featuring PAT HARTMAN!

Sat June 9th
Sun June 10th 2018!

This is a TWO DAY EVENT that occurs during the second weekend in June. Held at the Tallmadge Community Center, 80 Community Road, Tallmadge, OH

Ultra Aqua encompasses a whopping 60 Classes of an all Species Show competition!

Everyone is welcome to come and compete for awards and prizes! Your fish may be a winner! 😉

This year will also include the GAAS / YATFS Growth Program – Sevrum Showdown! (More Info Here)


Show Registration Starts at 10 AM on Saturday so bring your fish and set them up, Don’t delay because registration closes at 5 pm for Judging! Entrance fees are 1.50$ per for the first 20 animals you enter, each animal after 20 is free.

The Swap Meet will be in effect from 12 PM until 5 PM on Saturday with various Independent Vendor tables selling their animals and Hobby related wares.

Our Presentation, featuring the one and only Pat Hartman along with Dinner hosted by us, will begin at 7 pm. Tonight’s topic will be “A Rookie Goes to Mexico-Part 2- NAGWG Goodeid Study Tour 2017”
(Pat Hatman’s Bio)

All entrants are invited to attend. (non-show entrants can choose to join us and purchase dinner for $5)


Summer Show Auction registration begins at 10 AM and starts at 11 AM. This is an animal and plant only auction, NO hard-goods/ supplies please, we have limited space with the Ultra Aqua Show Tables.

All other typical Auction features Such as Rare Fish Raffle50/50 RafflesVendors, and Food & Drinks will still be available.

Ultra Aqua Award Ceremony Presentation begins at 5 PM.

It’s an amazing weekend for an aquarium hobbyist! Whatever your interest, if you’ve come to compete, view, shop, sell, try your luck on the raffles, enjoy our dinner and presentation or even simply to socialize with other aquarists, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy!

Ultra Aqua Show Flier
Entry Class List
Show Rules page 1
Show Rules page 2
Ultra Aqua Entry Form




Bud White (330) 848-3866 E-mail

Wayne Toven (330) 256-7836 E-mail

Rich Serva (330) 650-4613 E-mail

Severum Showdown – Ultra Aqua 2018!

Click the pic for our Growth Competition Page

The GAAS/YATFS Severum Showdown

will finalize at the Ultra Aqua 2018 Show & Auction Event. (June 9-10)

*Members of GAAS and YATFS who participated in the growth contest, please bring your largest Gold Severum to the Severum ShowDown Section of the show, (no entry fee),

*MUST be your original Severum given to you back in April 2017 as part of the GAAS or YATFS Growth Competition.

*Judging will be based on sheer SIZE, in the event of a tie, fish quality will then be used to determine the winner.

*One Entry per Member.

1st place ($50), 2nd place ($30), and 3rd place ($20). Good luck!