Our Spring Auction!! Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Less than 2 weeks away!

Our Spring Auction coming March 4th!

Registration opens at 10 AM,
Auction begins at 11 AM.

held at
Tallmadge Community Center
80 Community Rd, Tallmadge, OH 44278

Come BUY or SELL Aquatic Animals, Plants, and Hobby Related Hard Goods!
There will also be various Raffles to participate in, as well as Food and Drink sales in our kitchen.

We are Open to the PUBLIC with FREE entry and registration.
(Registering as a buyer gives you the option to pay for your auction purchases with all major credit cards.)
Auction items are sold at a 70/30% split.

For further details, rules & regulations, please refer to the Auction Section  of our website by clicking HERE

Our Next Meeting! Friday, March 9, 2018

Our guest speaker this month is “Big Rich Price” from Ohio Fish Rescue!

Ohio Fish Rescue is a sanctuary for large “Monster  Fish”  located in Strongsville, Ohio.

This rescue takes in fish from local areas and some not-so-local areas, that all need a new home because they simply grow too large for the average aquarist to care for.  We have all seen those baby red-tailed cats, pacu, & iridescent sharks among many other species so commonly found, that are so cute and appealing in shops when they are tiny. Unfortunately, the reality is, that these fish are “monster fish” and once taken home, very few people are equipped to provide adequate homes for fish that grow 4 FEET long!

This is where the rescue comes in… with their 4 thousand gallon showstopper tank and several other tanks topping out at over a thousand gallons, Big Rich along with his family and team give these guys a better home.  Sometimes that is at the rescue and sometimes the rescue is a stopping ground for the fish before they are taken in by public aquariums. Big Rich also takes in smaller “Big” fish such as  Oscars, that he helps place in new homes as well.

His presentation this month will be a recounting of one particularly memorable rescue that took them on a cross-country trip to Washington State, where the team rescued 19 monster fish which were then safely brought back to Ohio.

Check them out for yourself on facebook at


Our Bowl Show categories this month are:
Mollies, Suckermouth Catfish, Barbs

2018 February Meeting Summary

Our February Meeting was held on the 9th.

We had a nice turnout with many familiar faces and several new ones!

Our Speaker was Brian Shrimpton, who gave an excellent,  in depth and informative presentation on Protecting and Raising Fry, if you are interested in his supply list he provided us with, including links to the recommended products, it is posted below. 

Brian also donated a large amount of equipment and supplies to our club that we auctioned off after his presentation!
On behalf of G.A.A.S. , Thank you Brian for your generosity.

Congratulations Mike and Elsie Swanson on earning your plaque for
“Master Breeder – Livebearers”

Brian Shrimpton won our door prize gift card

We had 4 Bap/Hap turn-ins to be auctioned off.

Our BOWL SHOW was a double show this month to make up for January’s weather cancellation. 

January’s Catagories

Male Guppies 
1st- Blue Guppy - Jeff Plazak
2nd- Red Moscow- Mike & Elsie Swanson
3rd - Blue Moscow- Mike & Elsie Swanson

1st - Telescope - Dave Williamson
2nd - Comet - Dave Williamson
3rd - Ranchu - Dave Williamson

Minnows, Danios & Rasboras
1st - Devario Auropupureus - Wayne Toven
2nd - Leopald Danio - Rick & Dana Borger
3rd - Giant Danio - Mike & Elsie Swanson

February’s Catagories

Domestic Swordtails
1st - Pineapple Female - Ken McGill
2nd - Green Painted - Dave Williamson

Betta Splendens
1st - Black Orchid - Wayne Toven
2nd - Red Crowntail - Jeff Plazik
3rd - Orange Crowntail - Wayne Toven

Characins (Tetras & Relatives)
1st - Trifasciata Pencilfish - Dave Williamson
2nd - Emperor Tetra Male - Rick & Dana Borger
3rd - Black Neon Tetra - Jeff Plazak


Refreshments were delicious with cupcakes, brownies, and an awesome rolled orderve  and our Raffle Table was was packed full with all our usual goodies as well as our Valentine’s Day Axolotl plush and the first of our Green Pleco Plushes! Grats to Phil’s kids on taking home the plushies!

Another great meeting, and we hope to see everyone next time!

As always, if you would like to see the original meeting announcement, read below

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January Meeting Friday, Jan 12 at 8pm


Tonight’s Meeting is CANCELLED!!!!!

Our speaker for tonight, Joe Doyle, and his talk about “Getting Ahead In BAP” Has been postponed to a later month do to the impending weather.



Our next meeting features Joe Doyle with “Getting ahead in BAP!” A great way to start the New Year!


Check out his bio below!

I Began my interest in keeping & breeding fish when at the age of 12 my neighbor gave me a slate bottom metal frame and lid, 29 gallon fish tank. Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH) magazine frequently featured betta splendens in an array of spawning setups. It wasn't long before I had 100 baby food jars each containing a baby betta. Breeding fish came natural to me. This was when I first started feeding live foods to  baby fish. Put the hobby on hold to attend college, returning 18 years later when given a 29 gallon fish tank. 

In 2005, joined the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society Inc (GPASI). Began participating in the Breeders Award Program (BAP) in 2008. BAP really sparked my interest, and in 2011, turned in 33 spawns topping my competition having only 12 tanks and setting an all-time high record for the club. From an administrative perspective, I served the Pittsburgh club as president, treasurer, and currently membership secretary. Am also Web Master, managing the GPASI.ORG web site. 

That being said, BAP has thus far been the most influential and driving force of my hobby. It has evolved into a consistency of looking for that next fish to spawn. I originally thought after spawning all the bread and butter fish there would be nothing left to spawn, but the opposite was true. 


Most of the fish in my tanks were brought home from conventions and fish rooms and am always on the lookout for that next rare fish to spawn. Frequently, I find myself  making community tanks out of multiple species because I see something I just have to have and I don't have enough room to spawn fish. It takes a long time to back out of this scenario in order to have enough room to spawn and dump fish for BAP. 


In my talk, "Getting ahead in BAP", I will review how to spawn several species of difficult fish, the species I'm currently working with, discuss challenges faced, and the return of species to my bucket list of fish to successfully spawn and raise.  

Discussion will include: 

Pterapogon kauderni (Banggai Cardinalfish) Hippocampus Erectus (Sea Horse) Betta macrostoma (The holy grail of bettas) Loricaria sp "Atabapo, Colombia" Crying Whiptails Nothobranchius palmqvisti "Pangani, TZ 94-7" Notholebias minimus "Campo Grande CGRJ 01-12" Aspidoras cf taurus (2" Aspidoras) Garra rufa (Pedicure fish) Brachygobius doriae (Bumblebee Goby) Hemiloricaria Lanceolata Pterophyllum leopoldi and more.. 


Sevrum Growth Competition Results and Winning Care Log

Our G.A.A.S. Sevrum Growth Competition!

Congratulations to Misty White, on winning our G.A.A.S. Sevrum Growth Competition!

Don Youngkin  came in second, and Dave Williamson came in 3rd.

For those who missed it, participants were given a bag of 8 approx 1/2″-1″ Gold Sevrum Fry that all came from the same source, a local Y.A.T.F.S. member Brian Strickland, back at our April 2017 Club Meeting. We were then tasked with taking our fry home and caring for them for the next 8 months. Then we were asked to bring our largest one back in for judging on size and growth during our December Club meeting. We were asked to keep a short care log on our fish so the winner could let everyone know what worked for them.

Our Winning Sevrum Care log…

The 8 Sevrums spent their first 2 months in a 20g with twice a week 80% water changes, then the next 6 months in a 125g shared with a young sailfin pleco. Both tanks had a thick duckeed canopy growing in them.

They received a weekly water change of approximately 50-80% depending. They were fed a diet of Omega One Shrimp
 and Kelp Pellets, New Life Spectrum Thera A
 and Algae Max pellets, and various
 Repashy gel food Mixes.

They were fed anywhere from 1-3 times a day.

At the 4 month mark, the smallest two sevrums were moved to their own tank, leaving the larger remaining 6 sevrums and pleco in the 125g.

After the total 8 months, the biggest 3 were all similar in size at approx. 7", 3 were  approx. 6" and the 2 smallest were rehomed at 7 months during our fall auction, they were around 4" at the time.

Remember to hang on to your sevrums to enter them in our Multi-Club Competition at our next ULTRA AQUA SHOW 2018!

2017 Christmas Party and meeting Summary – Friday December 8th, 8pm

Our Christmas  Celebration and Sevrum Growth Competition Summary!

We had an amazing time at our Christmas party this year!

We had a nice turnout of 41 people, we had 3 tables of door prizes, a table of big ticket raffle items, a huge dinner buffet and several award plaques to give out, as well as raffle items and Sevrum Growth competition judging. Alot of food, alot of socializing, and some fish were there too!

Many Congratulations are in order for…

Dave williamson – Bowl Show Champion of the year!

Wayne Toven – Breeder of the Year!
                                 Horticulturalist of the Year!
                                 Master Breeder of Characins & Tetras!

Misty White – Sevrum Growth Competition Champion!

We would also like to Congratulate our Big Ticket Item Winners

Spider Wood on Slate – Mike Swanson
29 Gallon Tank – Bill Bilski
Cube Tank – Dave Girard
Rimless tank – Bill and Linda Kolezar
Canister Filter – Bud White

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who brought in donations for our prize table and food for our dinner!


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