August 2019

August Meeting—Club Picnic

Our Annual Member Appreciation Fish Swap and Picnic will be held Friday, August 9, at 8 pm at the Ritchie Memorial Shelter House. This is a Pot-Luck Style Dinner where GAAS provides the main course (Sausage & Peppers) and GAAS members bring a side dish, dessert, or beverage to share. GAAS will provide some nice fish and plants for the swap. Please bring your own fish, plants, or used equipment to contribute to the swap. Non-members and non-cooks are welcome. See you there!

Bowl Show: Rainbowfish, Tetras/Characins, Killifish

July 2019

July Meeting

Teri and Randy Seufert presented “The Little Catfish,” which is a program that looks at some of the smaller species of the catfish family—those of the genera Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, and Scleromystax. The program covers keeping these little gems in your tanks, care, aquarium requirements, diet, and breeding. The program looks at many of the species of these little catfish with colorful pictures and information of the 4 groups.

Corydoras similis from the 2019 Ultra-Aqua.

Biography: Teri and Randy Seufert have been in the hobby for over 55 years. Both are very active in the hobby— showing fish at shows, breeding fish for the Breeders Award Program, and propagating plants for the Horticultural Award Program. Additionally, Randy is President of the Tropical Fish Club of Erie County, New York, and is an auctioneer for many other clubs.

In the past 3 years they have attended the Catfish Conventions in Herndon, Virginia, and Madison, Wisconsin. Being able to attend such conventions has allowed Teri and Randy to meet others interested in these small catfish, to exchange information, and to ultimately learn how to raise and hopefully successfully spawn them.  Attending these conventions also has given us a chance to find some of the rare or new species that are in the hobby. Teri has been successful in spawning many of these little catfish as well as many other fish in the fish room.

Teri and Randy Seufert with Bud White at the 2019 Ultra Aqua, where Teri received several awards for her various species of catfish.

July Bowl Show: Loaches, Sharks, Mollies

A handsome loach from the 2019 Ultra-Aqua.

►Note that the Howe Road exit (Route 8 southbound) is not open to eastbound traffic. (Do not use the Route 8 Howe Road exit that is south of the main Cuyahoga Falls exits.) Another option would be to exit Route 8 at Tallmadge Avenue, and travel east on Tallmadge Avenue.

June 2019

June Meeting

At our June 14 meeting, Jonathan Strazinsky shared his challenges of building and maintaining a 1,200 gallon aquarium. Jonathan specializes in Central and South American cichlids, and he showed several videos of the fishes that he has enjoyed in the huge tank. We are grateful for Jonathan’s insights and contributions to the hobby.

Jonathan Stazinsky (right) and GAAS President, Bud White, after Jonathan’s talk titled, “Memoirs of a 1200 Gallon Aquarium” on June 14.

See Jonathan’s bio here.

Long-time GAAS member, Ken McGill (right), is presented with the coveted Breeder Award Program’s “GAAS Centurion Award” for 100 species spawned by BAP Chairman, Wayne Toven, on June 14, 2019. Congratulations, Ken!

**We have updated our BAP and HAP rules. We encourage you to read these revised rules before participating in the BAP and HAP award programs.

2019 Ultra-Aqua

This beautiful discus and over 360 other show entries graced the 2019 Ultra-Aqua in Tallmadge, Ohio, on June 8 and 9.
“Team Youngstown” dominated the show and won the 2019 Ultra-Aqua Challenge Award. Congratulations on all your hard work!
On Saturday, June 8, Jeremy Basch gave an excellent presentation on his collection trips to Colombia.

We thank Jeremy Basch for bringing a flavor of Colombia to the Ultra-Aqua. Click here to read Jeremy’s bio.

Visit Jeremy’s website

We Are Grateful for Ultra-Aqua Sponsors!

Click here for the list of 2019 Ultra-Aqua sponsors

Click here for the Ultra-Aqua page.

May 2019 Meeting

Gary Mendez (right) and GAAS President, Bud White, after Gary’s talk on building a koi pond in his backyard.

We thank Gary Mendez for presenting “Building a Backyard Pond” at our May meeting. Gary’s talk was witty and informative as he described the challenges of building and maintaining a koi pond. Thank you, Gary!

Looking for locally bred Koi? Checkout Moffit Koi Keeper.

April 2019

April 2019 Meeting

We thank Michael Haidet for covering the basics of the saltwater hobby and for showing us the technical aspects of his large saltwater tank. We appreciate his valuable knowledge in the saltwater side of the hobby, and we enjoyed the Q&A that followed Michael’s talk.

Michael Haidet and Bud White at our April 2019 meeting.
Michael Haidet speaks about his tropical saltwater tank as he holds a coral frag in his left hand.
Bettas, Gouramis, and Non-Suckermouth catfish were on display at the April Meeting.

Click here to see more of the April Bowl Show.

March 2019

March  2019 Meeting

The club thanks Ray Hunziker for presenting  “Fish of a Different Color” at our March meeting. Ray also assisted with judging the photography entries of the Bowl Show and was our guest auctioneer of the BAP and HAP entries.

Bud White (left) with Ray Hunziker at the March 2019 meeting.
Guppy Family at the Bowl Show.
Fish Photography and Homemade Aquarium Decoration entries at the Bowl Show.

Spring Auction—Thank You!

The Greater Akron Aquarium Society’s Spring Auction was a great success because of the large attendance and the quality items made available for auction. We thank all of the sellers, buyers, auctioneers, and GAAS members who made it all happen. Please save the date of June 9, 2019, for our next auction.

Spring Auction 2019
Spring Auction 2019

February 2019

February 2019 Meeting

Our hats are off to Brian Shrimpton for his talk on February 8 titled, A Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants, From Low-tech to High-tech.  Brian  also generously donated a 40-gallon Breeder tank, LED lights, and other goodies that were auctioned off at the end of the meeting. Thank you, Brian, for a great program on aquatic plants and for your donation to the club! 

Brian Shrimpton presented ” A Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants, From Low-tech to High-tech”
An axolotl’s view from the February 2019 Bowl Show.
GAAS members, friends, and guests enjoy the February 2019 meeting.
Wayne Toven (right) awards Rich Serva with his second “Centurion Award – 100 Species Spawned.” Awarded  to Rich on February 8, 2019.

January 2019

The January Program was provided by Brian Zimmerman: Brian is an expert on Ohio’s native fishes. Visit Brian’s business at Zimmerman’s Fish (

Brian Zimmerman (left) with Bud White in January 2019.

You can order Brian’s new (2019) book at the Ohio Biological Survey.

A Naturalist’s Guide to the Fishes of Ohio is a modern review of Ohio’s native fishes.