Growth Competitions

Growth Competition 2020

Update: With the cancellation of the 2020 Ultra-Aqua, this friendly growth competition will continue but with a future date that has yet to be determined.

In cooperation with The Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society, participating members of The Greater Akron Aquarium Society are competing in a Growth Contest in 2020. The fish to be grown out from juveniles are Oscura heterospila, the Montecristo Cichlid, from Mexico and Guatemala. They reach a maximum size of almost 10 inches.

Each person participating in the Growth Program has received 6-8 young Oscura heterospila.

When the fish will be judged, there will be one entry per contestant. The fish will be judged for size and quality. A cash prize will be awarded.

Background on the Growth Program Competition

The Greater Akron Aquarium Society will occasionally have the opportunity to offer our members a special Growth Program Competition. These opportunities come up when the club has a chance to obtain or purchase bulk quantities of fish from the same supplier—all at the same age. 

Below are some pictures of the 2017-2018 growth program with gold severums:



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