Growth Competitions

Growth Program Competitions!

From time to time our Club will occasionally receive the opportunity to offer our members something special that isn’t necessarily always available on an annual schedule, such as, Growth Program Competitions.

These opportunities come up when the club has a chance to obtain or purchase bulk quantities of fish from the same supplier, all at the same age for a low price.

We are actually lucky enough to have a TWO PART, ongoing “Growth Program Competition” going on now.

Thanks to a local breeder, YATFS member Brian Strickland who had over 500 Gold Sevrum Fry to re-home, we were able to obtain and distribute over 100 of these guys to our members.

We used this opportunity and these 100 fry to start a club growth competition! Anyone who came to our April meeting, 2017 and wished to participate was provided with a bag of 8 gold sevrum fry, free of charge. 

Part 1: – The G.A.A.S. Club Growth Competition –  April-December 2017 – (Completed!)  Congrats Misty White!

Part 2 – The Multi-Club Sevrum Growth Competition – April 2017-June 2018

We will be participating in a Multi-Club Competition hosted at our ULTRA AQUA SHOW!   April 2017 – Jun 2018

We will  be using the Sevrums from our G.A.A.S. Club’s Sevrum Growth Competition and competing against neighboring local club members from Y.A.T.F.S. who also received their sevrums from the  same stock for their own home club growth competition. 

The Multi-Club Competition Judging will be held  during our 2018 ULTRA AQUA SHOW!

The GAAS/YATFS Severum Showdown

will finalize at the Ultra Aqua 2018 Show & Auction Event. (June 9-10)

*Members of GAAS and YATFS who participated in the growth contest, please bring your largest Gold Severum to the Severum ShowDown Section of the show, (no entry fee),

*MUST be your original Severum given to you back in April 2017 as part of the GAAS or YATFS Growth Competition.

*Judging will be based on sheer SIZE, in the event of a tie, fish quality will then be used to determine the winner.

*One Entry per Member.

1st place ($50), 2nd place ($30), and 3rd place ($20). Good luck!

Congratulations to Misty White on winning our G.A.A.S. Club’s Sevrum Growth Competition!   April-December 2017!

Our Winning Sevrum Care log…

The 8 Sevrums spent their first 2 months in a 20g with twice a week 80% water changes, then the next 6 months in a 125g shared with a young sailfin pleco. Both tanks had a thick duckeed canopy growing in them.

They received a weekly water change of approximately 50-80% depending. They were fed a diet of Omega One Shrimp and Kelp Pellets, New Life Spectrum Thera A and Algae Max pellets, and various
Repashy gel food Mixes.

They were fed anywhere from 1-3 times a day.

At the 4 month mark, the smallest two sevrums were moved to their own tank, leaving the larger remaining 6 sevrums and pleco in the 125g.

After the total 8 months, the biggest 3 were all similar in size at approx. 7", 3 were approx. 6" and the 2 smallest were rehomed at 7 months during our fall auction, they were around 4" at the time.

The winner will receive a $25 Cash Award and a one year extension to their club membership.

The competition rules are simple. 

Take your fry home, care for them, feed and maintain your fish however you normally do, but keep some records (tank size, water changes, feeding etc.) This will allow the winner to pass along to other members what worked for them. For judging just bring in your largest individual at the December Christmas party meeting. That’s it!




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