Bowl Show

2018 Bowl Show—Final Point Standings

Congratulations to all of our Bowl Show participants!!

1 Jeff Plazak—113
2 Dave Williamson—99
3 Mike & Elsie Swanson—31
4 Will & Misty White—29
5 Wayne Toven—25
6 Ken McGill—13
7 Madison Shaw—10
7 Rik & Dana Borger—10
9 Emilie Myatt—5
9 Jeremy Hash—5
11 Brandon Shopek—2
11 Rob Williams—2

Rich Serva—Judge
















Each month we hold a “Bowl Show” at our meetings in which our members can bring in fish from specific classes to compete “Fish Show Style”. 

In each category, a First, Second, and Third place winner is chosen and a point value is awarded to participating members. Points earned from placing and participating each month accumulate throughout the year and at the year’s end,  the title of “Bowl Show Champion of the Year” along with a plaque is awarded to the member with the most accumulated points. 

Our Point System:
1st – 4 points
2nd – 2 points
3rd – 1 point
1 point per entry (Maximum of 10 points per class)

Your fish, aquatic animal, or plant should be displayed in a clear bowl, small animal carrier, container or tank of appropriate size, ideally with a contrasting background/bottom and a flat front side for easy viewing/judging.  It’s also a good idea to have some form of lid for your animal’s protection.
Keep in mind bringing your animals in a “Styro”, Thermal, or cooler will help protect them from the elements and make transport easier.

The charge for each entry is only $ .25.

2019 Bowl Show Schedule

Point System:
1st – 4 points
2nd – 2 points
3rd – 1 point
1 point per entry
Maximum 10 points per class
Male Guppies
Minnows, Danios, Rasboras

Domestic Swordtails,
Betta splendens,
Characins (Tetras and relatives)

Suckermouth Catfish

Female Guppies
Corydoras, Aspidoras, Brochis

Rift Lake Cichlids
Sharks and Loaches
Aquatic Invertebrates

June: no bowl show

Native Fish
Angelfish and Discus
Aquatic Plants  


AO New World Cichlids
Pairs (male/female)

Gouramis and Anabantoids
AO Old World Cichlids
Arts and Crafts

AO Livebearers
AO Egglayers
AO Catfish

December: no bowl show

Bowl Show Archives

2018 Bowl Show Running Totals

Jeff Plazak48
Dave Williamson29
Misty White26
Wayne Toven25
Mike & Elsie Swanson21
Ken McGill13
Rik & Dana Borger10
Jeremy Harsh5
Brandon Snopek2

Bowl Show January 2018

Male Guppies
1-Jeff PlazakBlue Guppy
2-Mike & Elsie SwansonRed Moscow
3-Mike & Elsie SwansonBlue Moscow
1-Dave WilliamsonTelescope
2-Dave WilliamsonComet
3-Dave WilliamsonRanchu
Minnows, Danios, and Rasboras
1-Wayne TovenDevario Auropupureus
2-Rick & Dana BorgerLeopald Danio
3-Mike & Elsie SwansonGiant Danio

Bowl Show February 2018

Male Betta splendens
1-Wayne TovenBlack Orchid
2-Jeff PlazikRed Crowntail
3-Wayne TovenOrange Crowntail
1-Ken McGillPineapple Female
2-Dave WilliamsonGreen Painted
Characins (Tetras and Relatives)
1-Dave WilliamsonTrifasciata Pencilfish
2-Rick & Dana BorgerEmperor Tetra Male
3-Jeff PlazakBlack Neon Tetra

Bowl Show March 2018

1-Jeff PlazakBlack ruby barb
2-Jeff PlazakTiger barb
3-Misty WhiteCherry barb
1-Jeff PlazakSilver molly
2-Jeff PlazakSilver molly
3-Jeff PlazakSilver molly
Suckermouth catfish
1-Jeremy HarshAlbino bristlenose

2-Misty WhiteL333 pleco

3-Misty WhiteL201 snowball pleco

Bowl Show April 2018

Female Guppies
1-Jeff Plazak
2-Jeff Plazak
3-Mike & Elsie Swanson
Corydoras, Brochis, and Aspidoras
1-Jeff PlazakCorydoras sterbai
2-Misty WhitePygmy cory
3-Jeff PlazakCorydoras paleatus
Photography - Identification
1-Mike & Elsie SwansonPelvicachromis pulcher
2-Wayne TovenPelvicachromis taeniatus
3-Mike & Elsie SwansonCylindricus
Photography - Artistic
1-Misty WhiteDojo loaches
2-Misty WhiteMarble betta
3-Misty WhiteLeucistic axolotl

Bowl Show May 2018

Rift Lake Cichlids
Sharks and Loaches
Aquatic Invertebrates

Bowl Show July 2018


Bowl Show August 2018


Bowl Show September 2018

AO New World Cichlids
Pairs (male/female)

Bowl Show October 2018

Gouramis and Anabantoids
AO Old World Cichlids
Arts and Crafts

Bowl Show November 2018

AO Livebearers
AO Egglayers
AO Catfish