Bowl Show Schedule

Please use the following schedule as a guide to participate in the 2020 Bowl Show competition, which is judged at all meetings except at the December 2020 meeting.

2020 Bowl Show Schedule

January: Male Guppies; Goldfish; Minnows, Danios & Rasboras

February: Suckermouth Catfish, Swordtails, Characins

March: Barbs; Mollies; Corydoras, Brochis & Aspidoras

April: Female Guppies, Platies, Aquatic Invertebrates

May: Goodeids, Rift Lake Cichlids, Male Bettas

June: No Bowl Show—2020 Ultra-Aqua Show

July: Synodontis Catfish, Angelfish & Discus, Killifish

August: Native Fish, Amphibians, Aquatic and Bog Plants

September: Photography, Gouramis & other Anabantoids, Sharks & Loaches

October: Rainbowfish, All Other New World Cichlids, All Other Old World Cichlids

November: All Other Livebearers, All Other Egglayers, All Other Catfish

 December: No Bowl Show Christmas Party