Bowl Show Standings

2019 Bowl Show Results

Current Standings (As of April 2019)

Dave Williamson—32 points

Ken McGill—20 points

Mike and Elsie Swanson—18 points

Rob Williams—14 points

Jeff Plazak—14 points

Stan Jachna—3 points

Emilee Wyatt—2 points

April 2019 Pics

March 2019 Results


1. Mike and Elsie Swanson
2. Mike and Elsie Swanson
3. Dave Williamson

Fish family

1. Dave Williamson
2. Ken McGill
3. Dave Williamson

Homemade aquarium decoration

1. Ken McGill
2. Bob Williams
3. Ken McGill

February 2019 Results


1. Emily and Travis: Axolotl (3 entries)
2. Emily and Travis: Axolotl
3. Ken McGill: Albino clawed frog (2 entries)
4. Dave Williamson (1 entry)
5. Bob Williams (1 entry)


1. Ken McGill: Orange Male (3 entries)
2. Dave Williamson: Bee Shrimp (1 entry)
3. Ken McGill: Ghost Female
4. Ken McGill: P-sanborni (vermilion river)
5. Emily and Travis: Cherry Shrimp

Favorite Breeding Pair

1. Dave Williamson: Priapiewthys nigroventralis
2. Stan Jachna: Half black AOC guppies
3. Dave Williamson: Snakeskin guppies

January 2019 Results


1st. Rob Williams (5 entries)
2nd. Ken McGill (3 entries)
3rd. Team Swanson (3 entries)
4th. Jeff (3 entries)
4th. Dave Stevenson (1 entry)


1st. Dave Williamson (3 entries)
2nd. Rob Williams (4 entries)
3rd. Rob Williams
4th. Ken Mcgill (1 entry)
4th. Cody Alloway (1 entry)

Arts and crafts

1st. Team Swanson
2nd. Team Swanson
3rd. Team Swanson