Board Members

Our Board Members work hard to keep our Club running! We meet once a month, on the Thursday after our monthly Club Meeting, to plan, discuss, vote, and go over any pertinent Club information. The meetings begin at 7:00pm and are hosted at various Board Member’s and Member’s Homes (Our host typically provides a meal as well as fish-room viewing after). Any member is welcome to attend these meetings, as well as volunteer to host.
Board Member Elections are held at our November Club Meeting, if you are an active member of our Club, and are interested in a Board Member Position, you are welcome to express your interest to be nominated. (In the event Board Member Positions  open up during the year,  they be voted on, and filled as they become available.) Many of our positions often require a good bit of work and effort throughout the month and at our events, so if you would like to join our team, please be ready to take on that very rewarding responsibility!


2018 GAAS Board of Directors

President Bud White E-mail 330-848-3859 
Vice President Jeff Plazak E-mail 330-854-5257 
Treasurer Rich Serva E-mail  
Programs & Historian Steve Brunn E-mail 330-524-3096 
Editor Dave Williamson E-mail 330-687-3372 
Secretary Misty White E-mail  
Special Activities Dave Girard E-mail  
BAP/HAP Wayne Toven E-mail  
Membership Mike Swanson E-mail  
Raffle Chairpeople Phil & Tiffany Hypes E-mail  
FAAS Representative Ken McGill E-mail  
Refreshments Elsie Swanson E-mail  
Website & Social Media Team Will & Misty White E-mail